“I Had 2 Major Concerns When I Started Thinking About a Hair Transplant…”

When Kevin G started first thinking about having “something done” to regrow his hair, he had two concerns: He didn’t want to have a huge linear scar, and he didn’t want to have to deal with it multiple times, but was rather looking for a permanent solution. That’s what brought him to Nashville Hair Doctor. Read on or watch below to hear Kevin recount his hair transplant journey from Day 1 until 12 months after his procedure.

Most Common Hair Transplant Concerns

Concern #1: Avoiding a Linear Scar

Fortunately, modern-day hair transplant technology based on the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method makes any concerns about scars a thing of the past. Before it was possible to extract hair follicles one graft at a time, doctors used the so-called strip method to surgically remove a strip of hair from the back of the head. It was then dissected into individual grafts that were implanted in the balding areas. The results was a linear scar after that strip of scalp was stitched back together and healed.

“One of my good friends has a linear scar across the back of his head. It was from an older type of procedure and I wanted to make sure I didn’t have to have that myself.”

In addition to leaving a visible scar, the strip method also had other disadvantages: It required a much stronger anesthetic with its inherent risks, and the recovery due to wound healing was much longer.

It seems like a no-brainer to choose FUE over the strip method, given its vast advantages in patient comfort as well as results. But you’d be surprised how many hair clinics still implement the older strip method simply because surgical removal of a piece of scalp is a faster procedure than the extraction of individual follicles. When comparing hair transplants between providers, be sure to determine which method is used!

Concern #2: Avoiding Repeat Treatments

The main complaint many men have about non-invasive hair growth treatments such as shampoos and vitamins is that you’re never finished. There is also not sufficient evidence that such methods yield any results. The one proven method for permanent hair replacement is a hair transplant. Yes, it’s a larger one-time investment, but it is just that: one-time. You spend a day getting your grafts removed and re-implanted, you go home to recover for about 7 days, and then all you do is wait and use a little bit of patience. After 6 months you should see remarkable results with about 50% of your new growth coming in, and after 12 months your hair transplant is typically complete.

The amazing part here is that once transplanted, your hair is there to stay. Sure, continued or even accelerating hair loss might reveal new thinning or balding areas, but the already transplanted hair itself will last. If a patient opts for a repeat hair transplant a few years down the road, it is not because the previous FUE procedure  needs to be repeated. It is simply to repeat the previous success in a new area of the scalp – or perhaps even in the face in the case of a beard transplant.

We have previously talked about tennis legend Rafael Nadal as an example of someone who most certainly could benefit from another hair transplant. But in most cases, a single hair transplant is enough to replace hair loss caused by male pattern baldness.

Other Benefits of FUE

Kevin Grass had his NeoGraft hair transplant at the Nashville Hair Doctor in February of 2020. Now, a year later, he is thrilled with his 12-month results. With his 2 major concerns of a linear scar and the threat of repeat treatments out of the way, he felt pleasantly surprised that there were other, additional benefits to his procedure.

His hairline, for one, really impressed him. It wasn’t just that his naturally coarse hair was thicker all around, it was also the shape and form of his hairline that impressed him.

It also felt really nice to be able to run your fingers through your hair where all you felt previously was a receding hairline.

All in all, Kevin is really happy he go over his initial hesitation, went through with a free consultation at Nashville Hair Doctor to evaluate his options, and had his hair transplant. He recommends the Hair Doctor team to everyone with thinning hair and hair loss who wants to stop worrying about the way he looks:

“You’ll see a big difference about your life, your job, and just overall the way you feel.”

Learn more about Kevin’s hair transplant journey here. To get started with your own, simply upload pictures of your hair in your areas of concern, and if you’re a candidate we will get you a quote and proposed plan of action within one business day.

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