PRO-NOX Pain and Anxiety Relief for Hair Transplants

Hair transplant technology has made amazing strides in the last decades. Never has it been easier to restore your hair growth to its youthful fullness with an entirely natural look. And never has it been less invasive, meaning that instead of surgery your hair transplant can be achieved with a minimally-invasive procedure to extract hair follicles and re-implant them elsewhere. This requires nothing more than a local anesthetic to relieve any potential discomfort that might arise.

They say hair transplants are painless. But I am worried about being anxious nonetheless. What can I do?

And yet. If you suffer from hair loss but haven’t yet signed up for a hair transplant, the reason may very well be that you’re just a little bit afraid. Will a hair transplant be painful, you might ask? Will the local anesthesia be given by needle, and will that hurt? How long does it take, and just how uncomfortable will I be?

If that sounds like you, we have great news. As the first hair clinic in Nashville – as well as Memphis – we are offering the PRO-NOX pain management system to hair transplant patients. It is ideal for anyone who might experience anxiety and discomfort in a medical setting. You administer and dose it yourself, remaining in control the entire time. It doesn’t require any needles and it leaves no lingering effects, making it possible for you to drive home just 10 minutes after your procedure instead of having to arrange for a driver.

What to Know About PRO-NOX

What is PRO-NOX?

PRO-NOX is a system that delivers gas for you to inhale through a mouthpiece whenever you feel the need. It consists of equal parts nitrous oxide and oxygen and has long been utilized as “laughing gas” in dental and some medical settings. Because it is self-administered without any risk to the patient, it is a great tool for added comfort and to relieve any anxiety you might feel.

Aside from results, making your hair restoration experience comfortable from beginning to end is really important to us. PRO-NOX provides quick and safe anxiety relief.

How Does PRO-NOX Work?

At the beginning of your hair transplant, you will receive the sterilized PRO-NOX mouthpiece. Anytime you feel a twinge of pain or are tensing up in anticipation of pain, you breathe in the gas through the mouthpiece until your discomfort subsides. You stay awake and relaxed throughout the entire procedure. The relief is instant, giving you a sense of lightness and calm. As soon as you breathe in regular air, the effect wears off until the next time of your choosing. You can repeat this as many times as you want until your hair restoration is completely finished.

What Are the Benefits of PRO-NOX?

Here is a quick overview of all the benefits you can expect from PRO-NOX:

  • FDA approved pain relief
  • Not the same as anesthesia
  • Not addictive
  • Completely safe fixed mixture of 50% nitrous oxide and 50% oxygen
  • No lingering effects
  • No needles necessary
  • Has safely been used for over a century in medical settings

PRO-NOX kicks in instantly and leaves your system after a few minutes — no lingering effects, no impairment of your ability to drive home.

It’s notable that PRO-NOX is different from other forms of pain relief. The type of anesthetic that you receive orally or through an injection or IV typically require observation by a medical professional or family member until they have worn off. With PRO-NOX, 10 minutes are all that’s needed to ensure the nitrous oxide has left your body. You are then free to drive home on your own.

Does PRO-NOX have Side Effects?

When you breathe in the laughing gas, as the name suggests, you will feel happy and relaxed. Some people experience such extreme relaxation that they don’t feel they can move. This feeling quickly subsides once you breathe in regular air, and the great news is that you are completely in control of how much or little you want.

Other side effects may include slight dizziness, headache, or nausea – all typically gone within 5 minutes and avoided by staying well hydrated ahead of the procedure.

How Do I Add PRO-NOX to my Hair Transplant?

We are excited to offer you this new option as the first hair clinic in Nashville and Memphis. It is always our goal to deliver excellent results while making your hair restoration experience comfortable from beginning to end.

Adding PRO-NOX to your hair transplant is super easy. Simply discuss it with our NeoGraft consultant during the preparation of your quote. To get started, upload your pictures and answer a few questions about your hair, and we will take it from there within one business day!

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