What Nashville Hair Doctor Patients Are Saying

David Reed, Nashville Hair Doctor Patient

“The procedure here at Nashville Hair Doctor was light years beyond the procedure I’d had in the past. It was so simple. It was so much better. When I had the old procedure, I didn’t want to tell anybody about it, because I wasn’t satisfied with the results and didn’t want to recommend to anyone to go through with that. NeoGraft was so much better than that: It was simpler, it was quicker, it was better, there was very little recovery time, there were no stitches. This, to me, is the only way to go.”

Eric Hasseltine, Nashville Hair Doctor Patient

“Is this really as easy as they say? Yes, absolutely! The NeoGraft procedure was incredible. I was back at work the very next day. I would absolutely recommend Nashville Hair Doctor’s NeoGraft procedure.”

Craig Hentrich, Nashville Hair Doctor Patient

“I did look into the strip method, and I didn’t like the pictures of the post-op. NeoGraft was a great experience. Jay was great. We talked the whole time, he is a very nice guy, you could tell he was very experienced, very professional. The procedure was virtually painless.”

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