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“It was simple, it was quick, I was back at work the next day.”

Nashville Radio Personality David Reed about his hair transplant at Nashville Hair Doctor. Watch his testimonial:

*Results may vary and are not guaranteed*

“Is this really as easy as they say? Yes, absolutely!”

Memphis Grizzlies commentator Eric Hasseltine about his hair transplant at Memphis Hair Doctor. Watch his testimonial:

*Results may vary and are not guaranteed*

“Very professional, procedure was virtually painless”

Former Titans NFL Football Player Craig Hentrich about his hair transplant at Nashville Hair Doctor. Watch his testimonial:

*Results may vary and are not guaranteed*


Do you suffer from hair loss? Is your hairline receding? Are you balding?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place. At Nashville Hair Doctor and Memphis Hair Doctor, created by the award-winning surgeons at NuBody Concepts Plastic Surgery, we offer easy and no-hassle hair restoration to patients in the Nashville and Memphis areas. Skip the medicines, the foams, and the toupées, and go for the proven hair loss solution that works. Using our state-of-the-art, minimally-invasive NeoGraft® hair transplant procedure, we can permanently grow back your hair. It’s THAT simple. If you want to turn back the clock and grow a fuller head of natural hair, give the Hair Doctor a call.

View our Before and After Gallery to see the Hair Doctor difference:

Before and After picture of male NeoGraft hair transplant patient - top view | Nashville Hair Doctor

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*Results may vary and are not guaranteed*

Hair replacement has never been so easy as well as effective. Imagine that you get to regrow your own hair in all those places you’ve had to cover up or comb over as your hair has receded or gotten thinner. With our minimally-invasive hair transplants, that is precisely what we can do for you. NeoGraft® hair restoration is a revolutionary technology that achieves superior hair growth results with little to no downtime Best of all, it requires no surgery, no stitches, and no scars.

What are you waiting for? Join the hundreds of patients who say a visit at Nashville Hair Doctor or Memphis Hair Doctor was the best decision they’ve ever made! Contact us today to schedule a Hair Transplant consultation.



At our state-of-the art Hair Doctor facilities in Nashville and Memphis, we have been practicing Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE over many years. While it is one of the most advanced and least-invasive permanent hair restoration methods, it requires finesse and artistic skill. While most surgeons can perform the so-called strip method without much training, our method of extracting and transplanting individual grafts of hair requires a unique skill as well as an eye for form and beauty. Our hair restoration technician has extensive experience using the NeoGraft FUE technology, and our team is led by a board-certified plastic surgeon.


The hair restoration technique we use is one of the most effective hair transplant methods on the market today, allowing both men and women to reverse hair loss and regrow their own hair naturally. Even better, this is achieved with minimal downtime and very little discomfort – no scalpel incisions, no staples, no linear scarring like you have to expect with the hair transplant techniques used by many of our competitors. Taking a piece of your scalp and transplanting it to another part of your head? Yes, it can be done, even relatively fast, but do you want to have that permanent scar displayed so prominently? Our method requires artistry and a little bit of time, but the results speak for themselves.


Not only do we use one of the most advanced hair transplant technologies, we also make sure you receive an excellent value for your money. Yes, a NeoGraft procedure requires an upfront investment. But consider that we permanently restore  your hair and don’t need to bring you back for recurring treatments. Once you’ve had your procedure, you are done. And since NeoGraft is less invasive than other transplants, your downtime and recovery periods are short, allowing you to go back to work after days, not weeks. Our promise is that we price our procedures below the $5-$9 per graft national average, and we also offer interest-free financing options.

Our Testimonials

“I did look into the strip method, and I didn’t like the pictures of the post-op. NeoGraft was a great experience. Jay was great. We talked the whole time, he is a very nice guy, you could tell he was very experienced, very professional. The procedure was virtually painless.”

Craig H.

“The procedure here at Nashville Hair Doctor was light years beyond the procedure I’d had in the past. It was so simple. It was so much better. When I had the old procedure, I didn’t want to tell anybody about it, because I wasn’t satisfied with the results and didn’t want to recommend to anyone to go through with that. NeoGraft was so much better than that: It was simpler, it was quicker, it was better, there was very little recovery time, there were no stitches. This, to me, is the only way to go.”

David R.

“As a woman with thinning hair I searched for years for a solution. I tried everything and had every test done to see what the problem was. There were no clear answers for me. I decided on the Nashville Hair Doctor because it was a minimally invasive procedure. Best decision I ever made.”

Julia M.

“The NeoGraft procedure was incredible. I was back at work the very next day. I would absolutely recommend Memphis Hair Doctor’s NeoGraft procedure.”

Eric H.

“After doing my research into hair restoration, there was no reason for me to consider anything else but the NeoGraft way. I did not want a scar on the back of my head. I wanted the option of a short hair cut or even a complete shave – down the road. I also did not want to go through the extended healing and pain of the strip method offered to me by Bosley. I was willing to pay more for NeoGraft. It just made sense.”

Dan R.
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