If you suffer from a receding hairline or any other form of hair loss, you’ve come to the right place. Our NeoGraft® Master Technician, who serves patients at all Hair Doctor locations in Nashville, Memphis, and Louisville, has an unsurpassed record using Follicular Unit Extraction. Our NeoGraft Before and After Gallery will give you an idea about the results you can expect*.

Hair Doctor Patient Testimonials

5 star review by Nashville Hair Doctor patient

“I had my procedure this month and the staff were nothing short of exemplary. Shauna responded to all my inquiries in a diligent manner and gave me an honest assessment. She explained my options and suggested what will be the best plan for me. Jay Corbett Is awesome! He is such a professional and he knows what he is doing. He made sure I was relaxed and constantly checked on me throughout the process. I went to several different hair doctors and this was by far the best. They are super honest and give you great quality. Thank you!”

E. SaiyanNeoGraft 10/8/2019

“I had been thinking about getting the hair restoration surgery done for about 2 years but was always too nervous and skeptical. Not until I saw actual results from an out of town friend who had it done 7 months prior did I make an appointment, literally the next day. I can’t thank Nashville Hair Doctor enough for giving me my confidence back. I had an amazing experience all because of the great staff they have! They’re super friendly and always available to answer any and all questions. The results have been truly unbelievable and I would highly recommend it for anybody who might be thinking about getting your natural hair back.”

Joseph B.NeoGraft 5/8/2018

“I’m really glad I got a second opinion and chose to have my procedure done down there with Nashville Hair Doctor as opposed to Chicago. The staff were all great, and Jay was awesome. A big thank you to everyone!”

Bryan L.NeoGraft 12/12/2018

“I had a hair restoration procedure in July 2018. It’s now 3mo post op and I can’t believe how fast my hair is growing in. The entire team was sweet and took good care of me. I can’t wait to see what my hair will look like after 9mo. I’m 34yr old and had 2500 grafts done. Thanks to Jay, the hair doctor, and everyone at NuBody.”

Jer G.NeoGraft 11/7/2018

“I had my hair transplant at the Nashville Hair Doctor about 2 weeks ago.  For a few days after the procedure I had some swelling and slight pain, but I had been told to expect it so it was easy to manage. The staff was great at keeping me comfortable throughout the procedure and letting me pick out whatever I wanted to watch on TV. Overall from start to finish, the experience was beyond any of my expectations. It’s absolutely amazing to walk away and just a few days later easily be able to see where my new hairline will be. Thanks, Nashville Hair Doctor!”

David B.NeoGraft 7/22/2018

“Jay worked incredibly hard and took great care to map and place my 1500 grafts exactly where they were needed most. It was a long day for him, but as for me, I just napped when we were not chatting it up and sharing come great conversation. Jay is such an artist and so professional with his technique and reconstructive skills. The whole process was a joy. Thank you, NuBody, Nashville Hair Doctor, and especially Jay Cornelius Corbett.”

Mitch G.NeoGraft 2/4/2015https://

“The Doc, the staff, the environment was all amazing. I absolutely recommend seeing Jay for any hair restoration needs!!”

JGNeoGraft 8/22/2018

“Trying to deal with a “loss of coverage” situation, I went to see the Nashville Hair Doctor. The consultation was great—totally professional, they laid out my options. I’m looking forward to seeing the results. My top recommendation!”

Charles O. NeoGraft 2/8/2018

“Great overall experience. Very friendly staff. They answered all my questions, walked me though the process and I could not be happier with the results. Thanks Hair Doctor!!”

Floyd D.NeoGraft 2/25/2018

“I did look into the strip method, and I didn’t like the pictures of the post-op. NeoGraft was a great experience. Jay was great. We talked the whole time, he is a very nice guy, you could tell he was very experienced, very professional. The procedure was virtually painless.”

Craig H.NeoGraft patient

“The procedure here at Nashville Hair Doctor was light years beyond the procedure I’d had in the past. It was so simple. It was so much better. When I had the old procedure, I didn’t want to tell anybody about it, because I wasn’t satisfied with the results and didn’t want to recommend to anyone to go through with that. NeoGraft was so much better than that: It was simpler, it was quicker, it was better, there was very little recovery time, there were no stitches. This, to me, is the only way to go.”

David R.NeoGraft patient

“As a woman with thinning hair I searched for years for a solution. I tried everything and had every test done to see what the problem was. There were no clear answers for me. I decided on the Nashville Hair Doctor because it was a minimally invasive procedure. Best decision I ever made.”

Julia M.NeoGraft patient

“The NeoGraft procedure was incredible. I was back at work the very next day. I would absolutely recommend Memphis Hair Doctor’s NeoGraft procedure.”

Eric H.NeoGraft patient

“After doing my research into hair restoration, there was no reason for me to consider anything else but the NeoGraft way. I did not want a scar on the back of my head. I wanted the option of a short hair cut or even a complete shave – down the road. I also did not want to go through the extended healing and pain of the strip method offered to me by Bosley. I was willing to pay more for NeoGraft. It just made sense.”

Dan R.NeoGraft patient

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