3 Things to Look for in a Hair Restoration Clinic

Achieving great hair growth results is the topmost important factor in choosing a hair transplant provider, no doubt about it. But over years of experience at with patients at our Nashville, Memphis, and Louisville locations (as well as treating out-of-town patients) we have learned that having a good hair transplant experience doesn’t rank far behind.

Specifically, we’ve learned this: Our patients don’t want to be rushed into a procedure they’re not ready for. They don’t want to be pressured into making a decision because “the sale ends this Saturday.” They want to conduct extensive research and be told what to expect, and of course they want everything to go smoothly during their procedure. And afterwards, they want to know exactly what’s expected of them during the recovery, and they need to get immediate answers if they have any questions.

Our team at Nashville Hair Doctor takes great pride in patients telling us time and again how happy they are with their results as well as their experience.

Nashville Hair Doctor hair transplant patient testimonial
Hair Transplant Testimonial by Hair Doctor patient Martin P. in Madison, TN

There are three reasons for this:

Three Things to Look For When Choosing a Hair Restoration Clinic

1) Setting Realistic Expectations

You could also call this by a simpler word: Honesty. Our hair transplant consultant Shauna is well respected for telling it as it is. She won’t paint a pretty picture just to get the sale, or pressure you into making a decision when you’re not yet ready. We focus on answering all of your questions, providing you with an honest and realistic quote, and letting you tell us when you’re ready.

We offer everyday competitive pricing that is consistently below the national average for NeoGraft hair transplants, and beats the bigger metropolitan areas by a wide margin. Our out-of-town clientele from Chicago, Atlanta, fresh casino polska and many more cities in the South and Midwest is vivid proof that this is not an empty promise.

Knowing what you’re getting into and then seeing exactly the results you were promised – or better, as in the case of Martin P above – goes a long way towards making our patients happy.

And here is one more bonus you’re getting from Nashville Hair Doctor vs most of our competitors: Speed. Shauna consistently gets praised for her fast response time. If you upload your pictures to submit a quote request at 9 am in the morning,  Shauna will have connected with you and given you a price quote before noon. She’s been known to answer her emails way past midnight, a comfort no doubt if you’re an insomniac Googling hair loss at 1 A.M.

Nashville Hair Doctor hair transplant patient testimonial
Hair Transplant Testimonial by Hair Doctor patient Bryan L. in Bloomington, IL

2) Well-Trained Specialists

We cannot stress this point enough: Medical hair restoration is only part science. Mostly, it is art. There are many plastic surgeons out there who add a NeoGraft machine to their OR and start offering hair transplants in their service catalog. It’s a growing field with rapidly increasing demand over the last few years, and it makes sense for a cosmetic surgery practice to secure a piece of that market.

However, surgical training alone is not enough preparation for providing hair transplants. They require an eye for hair growth patterns, the dexterity to laboriously extract and re-insert graft after graft, and years of real-world experience learning from a vast variety of different procedures. Each patient is unique. Women are different from men. Thick hair is different from thin hair. Caucasian hair is different from African-American hair, and Asian hair is different yet again. A beard transplant is an entirely different skill. Only when you’ve seen it all and practiced it extensively can you become an expert.

Our NeoGraft Master Technicians service our three locations in Nashville, Memphis, and Louisville. Both have over 20 years of hair restoration experience with a special emphasis in Follicular Unit Extraction. Having an experienced technician take care of you throughout a lengthy hair transplant procedure ensures a relaxed atmosphere and professional results.

Nashville Hair Doctor hair transplant patient testimonial
Hair Transplant Testimonial by Hair Doctor patient Wayne M. in New Albany, IN

3) A Smooth Recovery

The recovery period after NeoGraft, while fairly swift and easy, requires that patients adhere to the guidelines set by the provider. This is the one piece of your hair transplant results you have control over yourself.

At Nashville Hair Doctor we make sure you have everything you need to make your recovery comfortable and successful. We give you a list of easy-to-understand pre-op instructions so that you start your procedure well-prepared, have any needed prescriptions in hand, and being your day in a relaxed fashion. We send you home with another concise list of post-op instructions so that you know how to wash your hair and sleep at night (one of the most important parts!). In case you misplace these instructions, you’ll have an email waiting for you when you get home that outlines them again and provides links to background reading that goes into more detail. And Shauna will be there for you the entire way answering your questions as they arise. You will also have access to our after-hours nurse line for questions of urgent concern.

We cannot stress how important it is to be “compliant” in your hair transplant recovery to safeguard good outcomes. And we know that for you to be successful, we need to be there for you.

Nashville Hair Doctor hair transplant patient testimonial
Hair Transplant Testimonial by Hair Doctor patient Edward R. in Memphis, TN

We hope that we’ve helped you learn more about the three important factors to help you select a hair restoration provider. If you are eager to get started, simply request your FREE Quote right now!

Nashville Hair Doctor cosmetic surgery team

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