Nashville Hair Doctor Has a New Look!

Most of the time, our team at Nashville Hair Doctor is busy helping others – that means you, the patient – achieve a new and improved look.

We’ve been so busy with this and grown so fast over the last two years that we’ve hardly had time to notice how much we ourselves were in dire need of a new and improved look. Our website has essentially remained unchanged since 2015, and everyone knows that that is a lifetime in dog and internet years!

So, without further ado, ta-daa!!! Here is the brand-spanking-new Nashville Hair Doctor website, June 2022 edition. 

Our number one goal was to make it pleasing to look at and super easy to navigate, so it should not require an instruction manual. But here a few notes regarding our new design:

Quote Requests

Our FREE virtual quotes have always been industry-leading. No need to schedule a consultation weeks in advance, no consultation fee, no office visit or travel required. But our new online quote request is more dynamic in that it differentiates between hair and beard transplants right out of the gate so that you’re only asked questions pertinent to your procedure. We’ve also included clearer guidelines on how to upload your pictures so that doing so will be a breeze for you.

Nashville hair doctor quote form


We made it easier to look up information that matters most to prospective patients searching for a hair restoration solution, such as hair transplant prices, financing options, and travel assistance for out-of-town patients – it’s all right at your fingertips via the top menu.

In-Depth Research

For those wanting more background information, we’ve added more in-depth reading about each procedure with a separate index to quickly get to the right topic.

Nashville hair doctor in-depth information

Mobile Friendly

We LOVE our new easy-to-read and elegant mobile design.

Before & After Gallery

And lastly, we are sooooo excited about our enhanced before-and-after gallery. We’ve now added more specific patient information like number of grafts and the patient’s backstory, and a way to scroll between different views (i.e. top, sides, back) for the same patient.

We are very excited to launch this new website design so that prospective patients can see what our hair clinic is all about. Here is what our patients value about the Hair Doctor experience:

  • We educate you about our services without any pressure until you’re ready to make a decision
  • After you submit a quote request, you will receive your personalized quote by the next day, allowing you to set a timeline of how fast you want to move forward
  • Our per-graft prices are some of the most competitive in the industry and our quotes are all-inclusive without hidden costs or surcharges
  • We offer flexible scheduling options for your procedure
  • You will know ahead of time which of our long-time NeoGraft Master Techs will perform your procedure 
  • We make the actual procedure as comfortable and relaxing as can be, providing a lunch and snacks and entertainment.
  • You will receive email updates at regular intervals after your procedure so that you know exactly what to do and what to expect at each step of your recovery

And now we hope that you will browse our services and contact us if you have any questions. Enjoy!

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