The Hair Doctor Has Come to Kentucky!

We started The Hair Doctor in 2011 to satisfy the demand for hair restoration among our plastic surgery patients in Tennessee. Little did we know that our patient base would so quickly expand into the surrounding states, and that patients would travel quite so far to see us.

Here is great news: If you live in Kentucky, you no longer have to travel very far at all. We are excited to provide hair transplants in Kentucky at our new Louisville Hair Doctor location at 224 Chenoweth Ln.

Louisville Hair Doctor waiting lounge
Louisville Hair Doctor waiting lounge

The Hair Doctor Success Story

You may not have had the luck of the draw with your hair-growing genes, but you are certainly lucky to be born into the right age to do something about it. Today’s hair restoration technology can achieve amazing hair growth results never thought possible before. It almost seems like magic the way your hair can be distributed in a more even way to create a fuller head of hair.

Our vision at Hair Doctor has been very simple: Help our patients grow hair at a fair and affordable price.

But it’s not just about the technology. It’s about the skillful hands that wield the not-so-magic pneumatic wand. And we are confident that the most skillful hair restoration hands can be found on our Hair Doctor team. NeoGraft Master Technician Jay Corbett, who has been with us from the beginning, is now available to perform hair transplants in Louisville.

From the start, our vision at Hair Doctor has been very simple: Help our patients grow hair at a fair and affordable price. We are all about getting our patients the results they are looking for. We believe that our hair transplant technician with over 20 years of experience is one of the best in his field. We also believe that it is important to educate our patients so that they can make an informed decision, without the pushy sales pitch you so often get in our business.

You Don’t Like a Pushy Sales Pitch? Neither Do We!

Getting a hair transplant is not a decision you will reach overnight. It requires a lot of research as well as soul-searching, and it is important to get it right.

We want to make sure that you come away with great hair that makes you happy for years to come.

From the moment we receive your quote request with a picture of the top of your head until the day that you come in for your procedure, we will put all our effort in educating you about the entire process. We will give you a fair quote at the start, we will make sure you understand what happens at each stage, and we will educate you well about the proper aftercare.

We want to make sure, as much as you do, that you come away with great hair that makes you happy for years to come. We believe we have the best technology and team to achieve that, and our success speaks for itself. We can help you whether you want more hair on your scalp or in your beard. Check out some of our results below to see for yourself.

Before and After picture of male NeoGraft hair transplant patient - top view | Nashville Hair Doctor
2800-graft male hair transplant; after picture taken 6 months post-op*
Before and After picture of beard transplant patient | Nashville Hair Doctor
2000-graft beard transplant with after picture taken 8 months post-op*

Great Louisville Location Backed by Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

In less than a decade, The Hair Doctor has become a leading hair transplant provider in the Southeast. As word of mouth spread, our patients started to travel from farther and farther away, some as far as New York and Chicago.

But our main area of operation remains the Southeast. Our travel packages to Destination Nashville ensure that you can get the Hair Doctor treatment at an affordable cost, even if you don’t live in Middle Tennessee. In addition, our Memphis Hair Doctor location in Germantown serves patients in Western Tennessee including parts of Arkansas and Mississippi.

Our new Louisville Hair Doctor practice operates out of the beautiful offices of Dr. Sean Maguire, a renowned board-certified plastic surgeon who has been practicing in Louisville for many years.

Do you live in Kentucky and are interested in a hair transplant to reverse your hair loss? Then get your entirely FREE quote from Louisville Hair Doctor today by simply uploading your picture!

*Results may vary from person to person and are not guaranteed*

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