Your Hairline is Essential to Your Looks

There are some things in life we take for granted. Running water, WiFi, and until recently, being able to hug whomever whenever we want. We only realize how precious they are when they’re taken away from us.

Your hairline is one of those things. When you have a natural-looking hairline, you never spend a second of your life thinking about it. You don’t wake up giving thanks to your Creator – or, more fittingly, your maternal grandfather – to have blessed you with the good fortune of a pleasing appearance in that space where face meets hair.

Help – My Hairline is Receding!

But boy does this change when it starts disappearing on you! At first you’re not sure. You squint at the reflection in the mirror. You lift your hair up at the corners and think, that looks awfully thin. Was it that thin last week? Last month? Okay, maybe it’s not that bad. But once seen it cannot be unseen. Every morning you push your hair back for an inspection, until you become so alarmed that you feel you have to take control.

If this is you, our Hair Doctor team has good news for you: Your hairline can be restored to its natural look! Heck, it can be restored to better than its natural look. You might have a widow’s peak, you might have an irregular hairline, or you might always have had thinning corners. With a minimally-invasive NeoGraft hair transplant, a skilled Master Technician can create a perfect new hairline for you that will make you look years younger. No scalpels, no surgery, no scar. Just a simple procedure where hair grafts are extracted in minute detail from the back of your head and transplanted to the front.

Nashville hair doctor patient before and after picture right side view
View NeoGraft Gallery to view more Hair Doctor patients

Plastic surgeons don’t like to use the word “permanent.” We all age, and this cannot be stopped. A cosmetic procedure will typically rewind the clock so that you look younger, but from there on out the aging process continues.

How a Hair Transplant Restores the Hairline

However, a hair transplant is as close to “permanent” as you can get. This has to do with the genetic disposition of the hair that grows on our scalp. Male balding in particular tends to occur in patterns – hence the term “male pattern baldness.” The hair in the front and on top is prone to falling out, eventually. For some this can start as early as their 20s, and others who are luckier don’t experience hair loss until middle age. But the good news is that the hair on the back of our heads is typically resistant to hair loss altogether. By taking follicles from this hair stock with the “anti-balding” gene and moving them to the balding areas in front, we can almost guarantee that these follicles will stay in their new location just as long as they would have stayed before.

Sure, men with severe hair loss, like Rafael Nadal for instance, may need more than one hair transplant because they will continue to lose more of their existing hair. But not because the new, transplanted hair is lost again. This means that if your hair loss is not severe, but just enough to give you that dreaded receding hairline, you will probably get away with a single hair transplant that will last you a lifetime.

Avoiding a Badly Restored Hairline

But here is what you should know: Creating a natural-looking hairline with hair restoration, whether it is with Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), is no piece of cake. Only a skilled hair restoration technician with years of training and experience will be able to make it look effortless. There are many things that can go wrong.

  • You could end up with the “doll hair look.” This can happen when too many follicles are grouped together to create the graft. Grafts are typically grouped anywhere from 1-4 follicles. In the middle of the scalp, in the thick of things so to speak, 4 follicles to a graft is perfectly fine. It creates the desired thickness. But at the edge of your hairline, the number of grafts needs to be more carefully planned.
  • Outdated techniques, like the one using too big of a punch to excise the hair, can also create a doll-type look.
  • Your hairline could be too straight, or too far down. The trick to a natural look is to maintain some of the natural recession at the corners, or it won’t look realistic at all. Make it too perfect, and it will look too perfect fresh casino.
Before and After picture of male NeoGraft hair transplant patient - top view | Hair Doctor
Example of hairline restoration for African American hair. View gallery for more.

Given the expense of a hair transplant and the fact that this is the only hair you have, you want to make sure you choose your hair clinic wisely. Let them show you before and after photos of their own patients, and go over the planned shape of your hairline together with the doctor or technician who will perform the procedure.

Ready to learn more? Get started by requesting a FREE same-day quote for your hairline restoration!

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