The Different Hair Transplant Systems: NeoGraft vs. Strip

Modern hair restoration methods have greatly evolved over the last decade. There are two main procedures on the market today to help those from hair loss regrow their hair: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), which is the technology behind NeoGraft, and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), also known as the Strip Method. Both systems utilize automated technology to implant hair follicles in balding areas of the scalp to restore hair growth. The difference between the NeoGraft vs Strip method lies in how the hair follicles are extracted from the donor area.

FUT (Strip Method)

FUT is more commonly known as the “strip method.” To extract donor hair, a physician removes a strip of hair from the back of your head. This strip is then separated into a large number of tiny pieces, each containing just a few follicles of hair or a “follicular unit.” These units are then implanted in the scalp on top of your head or other areas where you want to stimulate growth. At the back of the head where the strip of hair was removed, the doctor sews up the wound, resulting in a linear scar that can later be covered up with hair kept long enough to conceal it.

FUE (NeoGraft)

FUE hair transplant procedures such as NeoGraft® don’t have this problem. With NeoGraft, no strips of scalp are removed, meaning there won’t be any visible scar. Instead, the NeoGraft automated technology uses pneumatic pressure for gentle removal of individual hair follicles. A trained technician uses a specially developed device to extract hair grafts from the donor area of your head and reinsert them into the target area, one follicle at a time. At Nashville Hair Doctor, years of experience have allowed our technician to fine-tune his skill to smoothly operate the NeoGraft device as well as make the best decisions on the aesthetic outcome.

We are confident that for the perfect and discreet hair transplant that boosts your confidence without being detectable, the debate of NeoGraft vs Strip Method is firmly settled in favor of FUE hair restoration with NeoGraft.

Do Hair Transplants Need a Plastic Surgeon?

Nashville Hair Doctor Neograft technician Carolyn Yu


Hair transplants are surgical procedures, even though they are easy and uncomplicated. Many people therfore believe that a reputable hair clinic should have a plastic surgeon administer the hair transplants.

While a medical doctor is certainly beneficial on the staff of a hair clinic for safety reasons, the case can be made that he or she isn’t in fact the best person to perform hair restoration. This is because Follicular Unit Extraction is a laborious process that requires years of practice. A technician with such in-depth experience will be much better suited to handle the number of grafts (up to 3,000) necessary to restore hair in one single session. Not only will this make your hair transplant more affordable, most likely you’ll also get better results. Transplanting hair is not just a matter of inserting grafts, it needs to be done with an eye for the correct angle of the follicles for the most natural look.

The last thing you want is for your hair transplant to look artificial. At Nashville Hair Doctor, we have the experience that matters to achieve best results. Our facility is a state-of-the-art plastic surgery center with a board-certified plastic surgeon and full surgical staff.

Advantages of NeoGraft vs Strip Method

The NeoGraft hair transplant method comes out ahead of the strip method on several important points:

  1. No stitches
  2. No staples
  3. No unsightly linear scar
  4. Faster recovery, minimal downtime
  5. More natural looking results
  6. Procedure performed under local anesthesia only

One advantage of the strip method is the ease with which it allows for the hair to be harvested. Extracting a strip of hair is a standard procedure the doesn’t take long, and the separation into follicles can be done by assistants. This makes the strip method faster and slightly cheaper as well.  However, these drawbacks are more than made up by your results. No one will be able to detect you’ve had a hair transplant, and no linear scar will give it away. Your recovery will be measured in just a few days while the small trauma caused by extraction and implantation heals.

For another great look at NeoGraft vs Strip Method, watch the following video clip of the Rachael Ray Show. You will be blown away about the NeoGraft technology and how easy it is on your scalp.