Modern hair restoration methods have greatly evolved over the last decade. There are basically two main procedures on the market today that help women and men suffering from hair loss regrow their hair: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). Below, we will examine the NeoGraft vs Strip Method of hair transplants.

FUT is also known by its more common name, the strip method. Why? Because it involves removing a strip of hair from the back of your head and transplanting it to the top of your head or other areas where you want to stimulate growth. As you can imagine, removing an entire strip of hair leaves a visible scar, let alone the discomfort all those staples in your scalp can cause you. It means that most patients need to keep their hair rather long after their procedure to cover up the tracks of this invasive procedure.

NeoGraft®, an FUE hair transplant procedure, doesn’t have this problem. With NeoGraft no strips of scalp are removed, so there is no visible scar. Instead, it uses gentle pneumatic pressure for gentle removal of individual hair follicles, resulting in much less-invasive procedure. Our trained technician uses a specially developed device to extract hair grafts from the donor area of your head and reinsert them into the target area, one follicle at a time. Years of experience have allowed him to fine-tune his skill to smoothly operate the NeoGraft device as well as make the best decisions on the aesthetic outcome.

Watch the video below to see how NeoGraft works:

Advantages of NeoGraft vs Strip Method


Whichever way you look at it, the NeoGraft hair transplant method comes out ahead of the strip method:

  1. Less invasive
  2. No stitches
  3. No staples
  4. No unsightly linear scar
  5. Faster procedure, minimal downtime
  6. More natural looking results
  7. No general anesthesia needed

For another great explanation of how NeoGraft compares to the strip method, watch the following video clip of the Rachael Ray Show. You will be blown away about the NeoGraft technology and how easy it is on your scalp.

Despite its disadvantages, many hair replacement centers still use the strip hair replacement method, since it doesn’t require as much training or aesthetic judgment. At Nashville Hair Doctor and Memphis Hair Doctor we deeply care for the satisfaction and comfort of our patients. We’ve chosen the NeoGraft hair restoration system as the preferred procedure for patients with hair loss because of its many advantages as well as its track record. It is currently in its 4th generation based on the original device developed in Europe and used worldwide in over 10,000 treatments over the last 10 years.

NeoGraft is also the only FDA approved automated medical hair transplant device on the market. Nashville Hair Doctor was among the first to introduce NeoGraft in Tennessee when it first emerged as an alternative hair transplant method. Our long-term technician has been with us from the beginning to become one of the best in his craft. Our early adoption of innovative procedures has allowed us to become a leading hair transplant provider in Tennessee.