Mitch’s Hair Transplant Journey

Nashville Hair Doctor patient with receding hairline before his procedureBefore

Meet Mitch.

He started thinking about a hair transplant when he could no longer ignore his thinning hair and receding hairline. He went to a local plastic surgeon for a hair transplant using the FUT or so-called Strip Method.

That experience almost turned him off to the idea of hair restoration for good. The results were disappointing, and it left him with “an ugly scar on the back of my head.”

Nashville Hair Doctor patient with receding hairline before his procedureA Second Opinion

But Mitch wasn’t ready to give up quite yet.

After much research, he decided to give NeoGraft, a procedure that utilizes FUE technology, a chance. The idea of extracting without any linear incisions or scars appealed to him. He heard about the great results at Nashville Hair Doctor and requested an online quote by easily uploading a few photos.

Impressed with the detailed and personal communication, he decided to book a procedure for 1,500 grafts to reinforce and further restore his hairline and front crown.

Nashville hair doctor patient reviewAbout Mitch

Age: 63

Gender: Male

Hair Loss: Male Pattern Baldness

Number of Grafts: 1,500

Date of Procedure: February 2015

Nashville Hair Doctor patient after his NeoGraft hair transplantFour Years Later…

Now, 4 years later, Mitch couldn’t be happier with his decision to request a free quote from Nashville Hair Doctor.

“I now have the good hair I wanted” he says. “He [the technician] is a real artist and so professional with his technique and reconstructive skills. But for him, I surely would be bald by now. All the men in my family were bald.”

In addition to loving his outstanding results, Mitch gives five stars to the experience itself, which couldn’t have been more different from his previous strip method.

“I enjoyed my time with the NeoGraft technician and the Nashville Hair Doctor staff,” he says. “I just napped when we were not chatting it up, sharing some great conversations. The whole process was a joy.”

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