If you think a hair transplant is painful and a hassle, think again. David Reed, a radio commentator in Nashville, came to Nashville Hair Doctor after having attempted a previous hair transplant at another provider. If you listen to him, the difference between the two is like night and day:

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David had undergone an attempted FUT procedure, one he would not have recommended to friends. It was painful, and the results weren’t what he had hoped for. The most surprising part of his NeoGraft hair transplant at Nashville Hair Doctor was how easy it was, and how effective.

If you’ve shied away from a hair transplant, consider why: You may not like undergoing surgery, and you may be worried about a long recovery and potential scarring. With NeoGraft, you don’t get any of it. It’s not surgery, it’s virtually pain-free, and it leaves no permanent scars.

Our revolutionary hair restoration procedure has little in common with the hair transplants of your father’s generation. Not convinced yet? Talk to one of our consultants in a free, no-obligation consultation. Better yet, get started by sending us a picture of your hair to receive your free quote.