Most patients are surprised about how easy NeoGraft hair restoration is. Craig Hentrich, a former Titans NFL football player, looked at several hair transplant options before settling on NeoGraft at the Nashville Hair Doctor. Here he shares his experience:

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Craig selected the NeoGraft FUE method because he wanted to restore hair growth without the hassle of more traditional transplants. Even so, he was surprised that his procedure at Nashville Hair Doctor was virtually pain-free. He chatted with NeoGraft technician throughout his entire procedure as if he was hanging out with a friend.

Restore your hair in one afternoon with NeoGraft, and return to work the next day. It’s a minimally-invasive procedure, meaning it is performed without surgery, and there won’t be any telltale scars or any outward sign that you had your hair restored. The only sign will be your newly thick hair once it has grown in.

FUE hair restoration has little in common with your father’s hair transplant, just like going to the dentist today has little in common with a dentist visit generations ago. Not convinced yet? Talk to one of our consultants in a free, no-obligation consultation. Better yet, get started by sending us a picture of your hair to receive your free quote.