Brandon’s Hair Transplant Journey


Meet Brandon.

Brandon is a teacher living in Louisville, KY. He had tried Minoxidil for a few years, the iRestore pro laser hair helmet for a year, DHT blocking shampoos, biotin, and finasteride. Nothing brought back the hairline or density he hoped for, and his self-esteem suffered.

Even my wife telling me she’d love me with just one hair on my head wasn’t enough to beat my self-confidence issues.

Initial Research

Nashville hair doctor google profileBrandon found Nashville Hair Doctor by simply doing a Google search. He wanted a well-regarded, professional service that was within his budget. From his first email to Hair Doctor Medical Consultant Shauna, he knew he’d made the right choice.

He knew that a hair transplant would be a hard hit to his savings. But when he saw what kind of results he could expect, he knew he’d made the right choice.

Money buying this form of happiness and my confidence back was worth a one time dent to my bank account.

He was happy to see that Nashville Hair Doctor’s prices were substantially cheaper compared to others. He had seen up to $15,000 quoted by other providers and paid half that at The Hair Doctor for his 2,000 grafts.

Hair Doctor patient review


Age: 30

Gender: Male

Hair Loss: Hairline and Crown

Number of Grafts: 2,000

Date of Procedure: September 10th, 2020

From: Louisville, KY

The Procedure

After arriving at 8 AM, Brandon was led to the room, put on his gown, had some before photos taken, and it began. NeoGraft Master Technician Daryl Watson drew his hairline two different ways and let him pick which one he liked better. Then she drew the whole area that would be worked on, which was more sizable than he had thought. He then took his pain medication, laid in the chair, and it began.

Even while working, Daryl calmed me and answered all the questions I was asking. But we talked about so much more. It was a social experience.

Brandon is excited about his new hairline and can already picture how much fuller his hair is going to look. Once his dormant and shedding phases are going to be over, his hair growth cycles will begin after about 3 months. He can expect 50% of growth at the 6 month mark, and 100% of growth within a year.