Beards Are Back in Style. How to Take Part in This Hairy Trend

Are you longing for a full, impressive beard that turns heads? Do you ever feel a twinge of envy when you see men with glorious facial hair? You’re not alone! Beards are in style, and men worldwide are embracing this hairy trend. At Nashville Hair Doctor, we want to help you join in, even if your natural beard growth needs to improve. Our specialized hair transplantation center in Tennessee focuses on FUE hair and beard transplants. Through our free quote, our technicians examine your patchy or thinning beard. We can improve the growth of your beard to help you get on board with this growing trend! Learn more about the transformative FUE beard transplant procedure and how you can join the bearded revolution.

Facing the Beard Trend

Is Facial Hair Back in Style?

Growing and maintaining your beard is always in style. This masculine mark lets the world know what kind of man you are, and it’s worth your time and energy to embrace the facial hair that best resonates with who you are. Each style reflects a unique personality and image, from the classic full beard to the trendy stubble or the sophisticated goatee. Take the time to research and explore which style resonates with you and suits your facial features. Remember, the right beard style can enhance your overall appearance and confidence.

Taking Care of Your Beard: Five Steps to Proper Beard Grooming

To maintain a healthy and appealing beard, proper grooming techniques are essential. While some individuals naturally grow a beard, others may benefit from a beard transplant to address thinning or balding facial hair. FUE beard hair restoration involves using hair from the back of the head for this purpose. At Nashville Hair Doctor, our team consists of experienced technicians skilled in performing this procedure. Once you have achieved your desired facial hair, it’s important to remain diligent in caring for and maintaining your beard’s appearance. Following these five steps ensures that your beard receives proper care and always looks its finest.

  1. Cleanse and Wash Regularly: Like any other body part, your beard requires regular cleaning to stay fresh and free from dirt and oil buildup. Use a gentle cleanser designed for beards to wash your facial hair thoroughly. This will remove impurities and keep your beard clean and healthy. After washing, pat your beard dry with a clean towel to prevent any moisture-related issues.
  1. Untangle and Distribute Natural Oils: To ensure your beard is neat and well-groomed, you must untangle any knots and distribute natural oils evenly throughout the hair. Use a beard comb or brush to gently work through your beard, starting from the roots and working your way down to the tips. This will help prevent tangling and promote healthy hair growth.
  1. Trim Regularly: Regular trimming is a crucial aspect of beard care, regardless of whether you prefer a sleek, well-maintained look or a rugged, wild style. Trimming your beard helps maintain its shape, prevents split ends, and encourages healthier growth. Invest in a quality beard trimmer or visit a professional barber for regular trims to keep your beard in optimal condition.
  1. Invest in Quality Products: Like your hair, your beard deserves the best care. Investing in high-quality products is essential for promoting healthy hair growth and maintaining a soft, shiny beard. Look for beard oils, balms, and conditioners containing natural ingredients like jojoba, argan, and shea butter. These products will moisturize and nourish your facial hair, preventing dryness, itchiness, and flakiness. Incorporating these grooming essentials into your routine will pave the way for a flourishing and attractive beard.
  1. Choose the Right Length for Your Face Shape: When growing a beard, it’s important to consider your face shape and choose a length that complements your features. A well-groomed beard can enhance your facial structure and bring out your best attributes. A longer beard can add length and definition if you have a round face, creating a more angular appearance. On the other hand, if you have a square face, a more closely cropped short beard style can soften your angles and create a balanced look. Selecting the right length will create a harmonious balance and ensure your beard suits you.

FUE Beard Restoration Improves Beard Growth

For some men, beard growth occurs naturally, but others may face challenges like patchiness or thinning in specific areas. If you’re unhappy with your beard’s appearance due to these issues, Nashville Hair Doctor can provide a reliable solution. Our skilled specialists focus on the NeoGraft® FUE beard transplant technique. Our Nashville and Memphis locations can help you achieve the beard you want. 

The first step is uploading pictures of your facial hair to receive our free quote. We will examine your patchy or thinning facial hair and determine the best FUE beard hair restoration treatment. This minimally invasive procedure ensures natural-looking results with minimal scarring. With our extensive experience performing FUE procedures, the highly skilled technicians at Nashville Hair Doctor are the ideal choice for your beard restoration needs.

The NeoGraft method is equally effective for both scalp hair and beard transplants. It follows a similar process to a hair transplant. During a beard transplant, hair is taken from the donor area and implanted into face areas with sparse beard growth. If you have thin and patchy facial hair and desire a full beard or specific areas like a mustache or goatee, you could be a suitable candidate for a beard transplant. It is important to be in good overall health and have an adequate hair supply in the donor area—usually at the back of the scalp. While you can have a beard transplant at any age, we always advise those under 25 to wait. Facial hair tends to thicken as you approach 30, and it’s crucial to preserve donor hair in case of future scalp hair loss.

Grow the Beard You’ve Always WantedIn a world where beards have made a triumphant comeback, growing a beard that reflects your individuality and style has become a popular aspiration. Understanding different beard styles, practicing proper grooming techniques, and investing in quality products are key steps toward achieving your dream beard. Nashville Hair Doctor offers a solution in FUE beard restoration for anyone who struggles to grow their desired beard naturally. Our highly skilled hair care technicians specialize in FUE hair transplant and can help you achieve the beard of your dreams. Contact Nashville Hair Doctor today for your free quote and to view our impressive before and after hair transplant examples. Take the first step towards a thicker, more vibrant beard.

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