Beard Fads Come and Go But a Nice Hairline is Timeless! 

We are all for beard transplants and love to perform them at all our Hair Doctor locations in Nashville, Memphis, and Louisville. However, here is something to remember: Beards fashions come and go. Hair on top of your head will likely always be in fashion.

Beard transplants have lately been all the rage. In the space of a few years, they have gone from a relatively obscure procedure that not many hair clinics offered to one of the hottest cosmetic surgeries in the United States.

It’s no surprise, because beards are definitely in fashion right now. If you Google any kind of stock images for men, a large number will come back with bearded guys. With good facial hair such a source of pride, it doesn’t come as a surprise that beard transplants are in such high demand. Just like many men struggle with hair loss on their scalp, a good number of men find their beards are growing in patchy, too thin, or not at all.

Should I Get a Beard Transplant?

What You Should Know About Beard Transplants

You might think that hair on top of the head looks very different from facial hair and therefore cannot be interchanged. But you’d be wrong. The donor area at the back of the head (the one place resistant to hair loss from male pattern baldness) is suited equally well for a beard transplant as it is for a hair transplant.

With the growth in hair restoration procedures in general, beard transplants have become more commonplace as well. You’ll probably have to contact a few more hair transplant providers to get a decent beard quote. And you’ll want to make sure the place of your choice has experience with beards, not just with hair, before entrusting your face to them. While the donor hair at the back of the head is indeed suited for facial hair transplantation, it requires a special technique to get the angles right. If a hair restoration technician or surgeon doesn’t have experience with facial hair, you might get less-than-stellar results.

All of this to say that you can definitely grow facial hair by means of a professional beard transplant, with likely great results if you pick an experienced provider.

Use Your Donor Hair Wisely

Everybody’s donor area has a finite amount of hair in it. As we’ve said before, the donor hair isn’t prone to falling out, so does indeed provide a great source of hair for your areas in need. But it can’t be used to source unlimited amounts of hair either.

You may be blessed with a lot of hair on your head but a patchy beard. In this case, the decision to use some of that full head of hair to help out your beard may be an easy one. Or you may be nearly bald already and sport a shaved head – so why not use the remaining hair at the back to boost your beard?

But many men probably fall somewhere in the middle: a receding hairline, a thinning crown, and a patchy beard. Where do you allocate that precious resource, your donor hair?

As you contemplate this question, you might want to remember what our NeoGraft consultant Shauna likes to say:

Beard fads come and go but a nice hairline is timeless! 

Get Started With a Quote Request

Whether you feel more self-conscious about the hair on top of your head or your patchy facial hair, it’s a good idea to consult a hair restoration specialist to get advice on the state of your hair. They can assess your hair loss as well as the health of your donor area to give you a good idea of how much donor hair is needed for either head or face, and whether it’s advisable to do both.

Request your FREE hair transplant quote today by uploading your pictures to the Hair Doctor for evaluation. Our NeoGraft Consultant will get back with you with a personalized quote by the next business day.

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