The Best Beard Styles for Those Who Have Undergone Restoration Procedures

Picture the confidence that comes with a well-groomed, full beard. It’s not just about facial hair; it’s about empowerment. At Nashville Hair Doctor, we know that a robust, healthy beard can transform your appearance and self-esteem. However, for many, the quest for the perfect beard often leads to disappointment, as patchy or thin facial hair takes away from their desired look. Our Tennessee-based hair and beard restoration clinic specializes in the follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant method. This thorough and sustainable procedure is the key to achieving the beard you’ve always desired. Once you have undergone the FUE beard transplant, your beard will be healthy and natural, ready to explore the vast range of beard styles and shapes that suit your unique personality. Submit your free quote request today to get started with a beard transplant near you in Nashville or Memphis. 

Top Beard Styles for Those Who Have Undergone Beard Restoration Procedures

Embrace the Natural Look

For those who have undergone beard restoration procedures, one of the most effective approaches is to let their beards grow naturally. A natural beard is timeless and exudes an authenticity that other styles seldom match. You can achieve great results by allowing your beard to flourish according to its natural growth pattern.

However, we understand that only some men have a natural growth pattern that results in a full beard. We recommend the FUE hair transplant for individuals who struggle with a thinning or patchy beard. Nashville Hair Doctor‘s master technicians specialize in this type of hair restoration. They can extract donor hair from fully matured regions of your scalp and implant healthy hair follicles into your beard, creating a fuller and more natural beard shape.

Play With Color

If you want to enhance the look of your restored beard, dyeing it is a great option. Changing your beard’s color can significantly impact your overall appearance and add personality to your style. You can go for subtle shade variations or bold color changes, and experimenting with the color of your beard can bring about a remarkable transformation.

For most men, you’ll see the full results of your beard transplant become evident 6 months after the procedure. However, you can begin to play with color as soon as one month after your transplant. Schedule a consultation with your barber or local hair colorist to create a plan. 

Research Different Beard Styles

Exploring the best beard styles for men can be a great idea. There is so much to look at, ranging from classic stubble to impeccably groomed full beards or trendy goatees. You can get inspiration by searching for “best beard styles” on Pinterest and saving these photos to share with your barber. This will help you define and personalize your beard style.

Identifying the beard style that complements your face shape and aligns with your personality can be a transformative experience. You can experiment with different styles and choose the one that resonates authentically with your true self.

Get Creative With Beard Length

If you have had a beard transplant, you can try different lengths to create a more interesting and attractive look. By allowing some areas to grow longer while keeping others shorter, you can style a beard that highlights your unique features and stands out.

Many people are unaware that with hair and beard transplants, it’s not necessary to do everything at once. At Nashville Hair Doctor, you can focus on a specific area of your scalp or beard for the FUE hair transplant. Once this area has matured and you are confident in the hair regrowth, you can begin the consultation process for a transplant in another area. This will also give you time to save up for your subsequent transplant.

Use Products to Help Style Your Beard

Maintaining your beard style requires the use of quality grooming products. Wax or balm can be beneficial in keeping your beard hairs in place and giving them a smooth, well-groomed finish. These products help your beard maintain its sharp appearance and provide a long-lasting hold throughout the day.

It’s also important to consider the vitamins and minerals you consume and how they can promote healthy hair and beard growth. Biotin, a B-complex vitamin found in nuts, eggs, sweet potatoes, and salmon, is known as the “hair growth champion” for promoting thicker and longer hair. Vitamin A supports hair health by producing sebum, preventing dryness and itchiness. Iron in lean meats, beans, and leafy greens ensures proper oxygen supply to hair follicles, preventing thinning and loss. Omega-3 fatty acids in fatty fish and flax seeds keep the scalp hydrated for stronger and shinier hair. Zinc from nuts, whole grains, and dairy boosts scalp circulation and follicle health. 

Grow a Thicker Beard With FUE Beard Transplantation

The world of beard styles is vast and varied, offering endless opportunities for self-expression. At Nashville Hair Doctor we believe that everyone deserves to look and feel their best. Our FUE hair transplant procedure provides a reliable solution for hairline restoration. It promotes hair growth in areas where hair loss has occurred due to genetics, aging, or other factors. 

It’s a common practice to use hair from the back of the head to restore facial hair. We use the NeoGraft® method of follicular unit extraction (FUE) for beard restoration. Our skilled technicians use a wand powered by pneumatic pressure to extract groupings of 1-4 hair follicles. We remove these hair grafts from an area at the back of the scalp, which is typically resistant to male pattern baldness. We usually extract 1,500-2,000 grafts for each beard restoration. Once removed, we implant these grafts into the designated facial areas outlined in your quote.

At Nashville Hair Doctor, we value transparency and communication. You’ll completely understand the time frame, cost, and recovery for your beard transplant before we get started. Our Tennessee-based hair restoration center offers a comprehensive range of solutions to help you achieve your desired beard style. Our FUE hair transplant procedure can restore natural hair growth and give you the confidence to try out your best beard style.

Don’t let hair loss diminish your self-confidence. Check out our hair and beard transplant before and after photos, and contact us today to take the first step toward realizing the beard of your dreams.

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