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Nashville hair doctor hairline restoration timeline in pictures
Hairline Restoration

Meet Corey: Our Surprise Hair Transplant Visitor

Meet Corey, Nashville Hair Doctor patient who had a hair transplant in 2019. Four years onwards he popped into our office to tell us how very happy he was with his hair, and that he wanted to share his results with others who might consider a hair restoration procedure. Here is a timeline of his journey in.

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can I wear a hat after a hair transplant
Recovery Tips

Can I Wear a Hat After a Hair Transplant?

After a hair transplant, your head will be covered in puncture marks from the extracted and transplanted follicles, a look you may not want to show in public. Wearing a hat to cover it up can be very tempting. But there are important factors to consider before you slap on that hat to disguise your recent hair restoration. Read our article to learn all there is to know about when and how to wear a hat after a hair transplant.

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