Automated NeoGraft Hair Transplant Technology

NeoGraft is a hair transplant system used to extract and implant hair to reverse hair loss in patients. Its groundbreaking technology leads the market in achieving natural looking results with an easy, minimally invasive procedure entirely free of a linear scar line. And now this Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair restoration method is automated.

Extracting the Hair Follicles

NeoGraft Master Technician at Nashville Hair DoctorThis is how it works: The NeoGraft device uses a motorized punch that gently rotates around each individual graft in a perfectly cylindrical shape. Rotation of the punch can be precisely adjusted to accommodate for different skin types. Next, the NeoGraft device uses controlled pneumatic pressure (suction) to slide out the follicles smoothly and uniformly, so there is no pulling and twisting as with forceps (which can put the follicle at risk for damage). The strength of suction can be adjusted to accommodate different skin types and various sizes of punches. The grafts extracted by the contra-angled (angle allows for direct visualization of the direction of hair growth) tool of the NeoGraft device are of consistent and excellent quality.

Another benefit to the way that the grafts are extracted and withdrawn from the donor area is that each graft is uniform, which makes the automated implantation of the graft much easier. With each graft precisely the same size and cylindrical shape of the recipient site, NeoGraft eliminates the “pop corn” or “ping pong” effect when using forceps. The grafts are collected in a small collection canister that gently and frequently mists grafts with sterile saline to keep them moist during the harvesting process until they are ready for implantation.

Implanting the Hair Follicles

The recipient sites are prepared to the exact length of the harvested grafts and the grafts are inserted with the NeoGraft controlled pneumatic pressure implantation hand piece. This ensures that the grafts are implanted to the exact depth leaving a smooth level recipient surface and preventing any ingrown or exposed follicles. After the grafts have been separated from the canister, the grafts are withdrawn, or auto-loaded, into an implantation canula using negative pneumatic pressure. Once they are in the canula the follicles are advanced (inserted) into the recipient site with the utmost precision using positive pneumatic pressure.

NeoGraft Benefits

hair doctor patient before and after picture top and side view patient 1The benefits of this new automated system continue to be the same advantages of NeoGraft vs Strip Method, including:

  • No linear scar
  • Little to no risk of complications
  • Quick recovery time
  • Fewer activity limitations
  • Minimal discomfort
  • No scalpel incision
  • No sutures
  • More natural looking than traditional strip hair restoration method
  • High quality hair grafts

Past hair replacement procedures are time consuming and leave scars. Patients typically don’t have the flexibility to wear their hair a certain way with those procedures. By comparison, the NeoGraft process results in a fuller head of hair with a natural looking hairline.

If you’re looking to have hair restoration done, that’s your most important goal.

Two Nashville Hair Doctor Case Studies

Nashville Hair Doctor patient after his NeoGraft hair transplant

“The Whole Process Was a Joy”

Meet Mitch G. He came to Nashville Hair Doctor in 2015 to see if his less-than-stellar previous hair transplant could be fixed. He wasn’t happy with the results of the Strip Method that left him with “an ugly scar at the back of my head.”

Even though he was discouraged, Mitch didn’t give up. He clicked “Request a Quote” on the Nashville Hair Doctor website and this started a process he loved from beginning to end. The communications was detailed and thorough without putting any pressure on him to commit. When he was ready, he scheduled his hair transplant and found it easier than he had anticipated. The day was spent napping or chatting with the Nashville Hair Doctor NeoGraft Technician.

Four years later, Mitch couldn’t be happier with his new hair.

“I gained almost an inch of new hairline in the front”

Meet David B. He had a 2,800 graft hair transplant in July 2018 when he realized that his hair was thinning on his crown as well as receding in the front. “I wanted to get ahead of it before everyone else started noticing,” he says.

His procedure went exactly as expected. While it was a long day, he was able to pass the time either chatting or watching TV. The extracting and transplanting of hair felt like a pinch, but he was able to adjust the level of numbing as soon as he felt any discomfort.

Just six months later, David loves his new look. It is exactly like he hoped, but much earlier. His volume is likely to improve even more over the next 6-8 months.