how to afford a hair transplant by using medical financing options

Can I Afford Hair Restoration? Hair Transplant Cost Explained.

Let’s be completely honest here. Hair restoration – more commonly known as a hair transplant – isn’t cheap. It’s not something you can get for a $200 Groupon and congratulate yourself on a great bargain. We’ll get to how much it does, in fact, cost, and how you may be able to finance it, in just a minute.

First, let’s consider the benefits you get from a hair transplant. There is a reason more and more men – and increasingly women – are turning towards hair restoration as a way to grow hair.


Before and After picture of male NeoGraft hair transplant patient - top view | Nashville Hair Doctor

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Benefits of a Hair Transplant

  1. Hair restoration works: It’s sooooo tempting to try the “miracle cures” first. Creams, special shampoos, vitamins – we’ve heard it all from the patients who come walk into our doors at The Hair Doctor. They’ve either tried it all and are frustrated that nothing has changed, or they eagerly ask us which non-surgical treatment we recommend. We hate to play the spoiler, but the answer is that only a hair transplant can truly restore growth.
  2. Your hair and hairline will look natural: You might have a negative feeling about hair transplants because you might have seen not-so-great ones a generation ago. But much has changed. The FUE (it stands for Follicular Unit Extraction) technology is an amazing – and virtually pain-free – way to move follicles of hair to areas of the scalp where they are needed. Your end result will look so natural that no one will know you had anything done. Today’s hair transplants are not your father’s hair transplants!
  3. A hair transplant saves you time and money: We know it sounds nonsensical, since we started out by saying it’s not cheap. But relatively speaking, not spending time and money on ineffective treatments will indeed translate into savings. And just think of how much happier you’ll be to see something work from the start, rather than waiting in vain for a change that doesn’t materialize. A hair transplant is a great investment – in your confidence and in your happiness.

Okay, time to talk $$. What will your hair transplant actually cost?



How to Calculate Hair Transplant Cost

Let’s calculate the cost of a a NeoGraft hair transplant. (NeoGraft is the brand name for the aforementioned FUE method.) We are very confident that NeoGraft is the best technology out there, both in terms of natural-looking results and recovery time (read this comparison of FUE vs the Strip Method).

Hair transplants are work-intensive procedures, more so than other plastic surgery. Each graft, consisting of 1-4 follicles, has to be extracted and re-implanted individually. An extensive hair transplant might last an entire 8-hour day, with 1-2 technicians working on you the entire time.

This means that the cost of an FUE hair transplant is typically calculated on a $/graft basis. You could have a 500-graft hair transplant or a 2000-graft hair transplant, and naturally your total cost will rise with the number of grafts.

Hair Transplant Pricing

The national average NeoGraft cost ranges from $5 to $9 per graft – or even more in big metro areas like New York, Chicago, or Atlanta. At The Hair Doctor, your NeoGraft procedure will be priced below the national average, which can translate into savings of over $6,000 for you. The Hair Doctor pricing chart below shows your average savings depending on the number of grafts you get:

Nashville Hair Doctor Neograft hair transplant price chart

* Average prices only. Actual price may vary with hair type and location.

Hair Transplant Financing

Ok, so we told you that hair transplants aren’t cheap. As you can see above, they are a sizable investment. You might think of a hair transplant like a new car.

And the good news is, just like you can finance that new car and pay off the cost in manageable installments over time, you can do the same with your hair transplant. Using a medical financing plan, patients can apply for 12-month interest-free financing. At The Hair Doctor, we offer financing through Alphaeon and CareCredit. Our NeoGraft Consultant will walk you right through the application process should you choose to take advantage of our financing options.


Before and After picture of beard transplant patient | Nashville Hair Doctor

You can use a hair transplant to grow a beard too!


We hope we’ve helped you get a better picture of what what to expect when paying for a hair transplant. The best option, of course, is to request a FREE quote to get started. All you have to do is upload your picture and tell us a little bit about yourself.


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