Affordable Hair Restoration in New York

If  you you live in the New York area and are suffering from hair loss, you might not search for hair transplant providers in Tennessee. However, that is exactly what more and more patients are doing. As medical hair restoration has gained popularity in recent years, certain areas of the country have become more competitive than others. At the Nashville Hair Doctor, we have made a name for ourselves as a premier hair transplant center in the Southeast, delivering proven results at affordable prices.

Yes, you will have to take a plane to get to Nashville from New York. However, if you take into account that you’ll save up to $7,000 or more on your hair transplant vs the national average cost, it will be well worth your trip. In addition, we offer a $200 travel discount (for transplants of 1,500 or more grafts) to help with your hotel costs.

Your hair restoration procedure at the Nashville Hair Doctor is performed under the guidance of our double board-certified plastic surgeon in our state-of-the-art Brentwood office. We use the groundbreaking NeoGraft technology, perfected over 20 years of experience by a highly-trained FUE Master technician. He brings equal parts artistry and craftsmanship to the task, making sure your results and especially your new hairline look completely natural. NeoGraft is minimally-invasive, virtually undetectable, and allows for a rapid recovery. Come visit us in Nashville, get your hair taken care of, and add on a few days to explore the Music City!

Advantages of NeoGraft® Hair Restoration

When patients enquire about hair transplants, they typically have three concerns: Does a hair transplant hurt, will it put me out of work for a long time, and will people be able to see that I had surgery? The reason we prefer the NeoGraft hair restoration system is that it addresses all three of these questions better than other hair transplants methods.

Nashville hair doctor patient reviewNeoGraft is Minimally-Invasive

It’s technically considered surgery, but your NeoGraft technician uses no scalpel, nor are there any stitches. Using a wand under pneumatic pressure, individual hair follicles are extracted from the scalp – typically from the back of the head where hair growth is thickest – and re-inserted in the recipient area. You’ll be comfortable throughout the entire procedure, watching your favorite TV show. You do not need any general anesthesia.

The Recovery Period after NeoGraft is Short

After your procedure, your head will be covered in a series of small pinprick-like dots, but otherwise you’ll feel very normal. Most of our patients are able to return to their regular activities, including work or light exercise, within a day or two of their hair restoration. You may want to take some time off from work to allow for the pinpricks to scab over and give your scalp a more normal appearance, but it’s not strictly necessary. Especially professional athletes value the ability to jump right back into training.

NeoGraft Gives Natural Results without a Permanent Scar

Other hair transplant methods can result in a linear scar at the back of your head where the hair grafts are harvested. Since a NeoGraft technician harvests the follicles individually instead from a strip of hair, there won’t be any such scar. This means that you have unlimited options as to how you want to wear your hair – long or short. Your results will look so natural that only you will know that you had anything done.

Patient Testimonials

To understand how a hair transplant works and feels, it’s best to get it directly from a patient. David Bernard had his NeoGraft hair transplant at Nashville Hair Doctor in July 2018 and documented his journey throughout the procedure and recovery with a series of video blogs. See what he has to say about his experience.

About Nashville Hair Doctor

A chance to see the Nashville skyline at night brought to you courtesy of Nashville Hair Doctor travel packageWith over 20 years of experience in FUE hair restoration, we are one of the leading hair transplant providers in the Southeast. Led by a double board-certified plastic surgeon, our team focuses on affordability, a great patient experience, and a fast recovery. If you choose to stay overnight, read our Destination Nashville article for things to do and see in the Music City.