Where to Get a Hair Transplant in Huntsville

Before and After picture of NeoGraft hair transplant patient - top viewAre you frustrated by premature hair loss and looking for a hair transplant in Huntsville? Take a look at the Nashville Hair Doctor Travel Package. We offer a complimentary overnight stay in Nashville as well as a fuel and food allowance for out-of-town hair restoration patients in Tennessee and Alabama.

The Nashville Hair Doctor is a leading provider of follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplants. Using the NeoGraft technology, we have helped countless men and women who struggle with hair loss regrow their own natural hair with excellent results. Our NeoGraft Master Technician has over 20 years experience in the hair transplant industry and is supported by the board-certified plastic surgeon and staff at the NuBody Concepts Plastic Surgery Center in Nashville.

FUE hair restoration is an excellent solution for those seeking a permanent fix to hair loss and premature balding. It is minimally-invasive, virtually undetectable, and allows for a rapid recovery.

Follicular Unit Extraction: The Ultimate in Hair Transplant Technology

There are essentially two methods for harvesting hair for modern hair transplantation. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) uses pneumatic pressure to harvest individual follicles or grafts of hair and then insert them into the balding area. The Strip Method is used to harvest entire strips of hair, which are then dissected into individual grafts that can be inserted into the scalp. This is also called Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT).

The Strip Method has been fairly popular in medical hair restoration, but it has one major disadvantage: it leaves a thin linear scar from where the strip of hair is removed. This scar is a tell-tale sign that you’ve had a hair transplant. It’s possible to cover it up, but you won’t be able to wear your hair short.

The FUE hair transplant method, on the other hand, leaves no such scar. Since the hair follicles are extracted individually, your scalp will instead be covered with small red dots, both where the hair was harvested and where it was implanted. Those incisions are small and heal in about 10 days.  There is also less depletion of hair in one particular area., since the individual hair grafts can be taken from a larger area versus a narrow strip.

At the Nashville Hair Doctor, we understand your goals. At the end of the day, you want a hair transplant that only gets noticed because you look great, not because others can see you had a cosmetic procedure. Nothing beats looking in the mirror and loving what you see – a younger-looking, more confident version of you. With a NeoGraft hair transplant in Huntsville by the Nashville Hair Doctor, you can achieve that!

NeoGraft FAQ

Pricing Your NeoGraft Hair Transplant

Consultant discussing hair transplant pricing with patient When it comes to hair transplant pricing, most providers operate on a cost per graft basis. The national average ranges from $5 to $9 per graft, depending on provider and geographic area. At the Nashville Hair Doctor we pride ourselves in offering NeoGraft hair transplants below the national average price.

Your total hair transplant cost will be based on the number of grafts you receive. In a typical session, a NeoGraft specialist can transplant up to 2,500 grafts, but your situation may not require such a large number. The best way to determine the number of grafts needed to restore your hairline and the thickness of your hair is to schedule a personal consultation. If you live too far away for an in-office consultation, you  can request a quote using our online tool that lets you upload a picture for us to evaluate. Make sure you also ask about our travel package and interest-free financing.