Reversing Hair Loss With a Hair Transplant in Franklin

Hair loss is frustrating for anyone, but it can be especially devastating for people in their 30’s and 40’s. If you are among this group and feel it’s too early to be going bald, a hair transplant might be the answer.

Memphis hair doctor patient before and after picture front viewIf you are suffering from

  • a receding hair line
  • early balding
  • thinning hair
  • unexplained bald patches
  • hair clumps coming out in your hand

and live in or near Franklin, TN, it is time to visit the Nashville Hair Doctor, your premier address for a hair transplant in Franklin and the Nashville metro area.

About Nashville Hair Doctor

Conveniently located in Brentwood near the intersection of Old Hickory Boulevard and Granny White Pike, the Nashville Hair Doctor is located within easy driving distance of Franklin. Overseen by our board-certified plastic surgeon, our hair transplant technician has over 20 years experience with NeoGraft hair restoration. With NeoGraft, we transplant your hair follicle by follicle, ensuring thick and lush growth without invasive surgery or telltale scars.

The Nashville Hair Doctor facilities are integrated into the NuBody Concepts Plastic Surgery Center, located about 10 miles north of Franklin on I-65 . When it comes to ensuring full and beautiful hair, you should consider nothing less than the best hair experts in Nashville.

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Why NeoGraft vs Other Hair Transplants?

Nashville Hair Doctor Neograft technician Carolyn Yu

We greatly believe that the NeoGraft hair restoration method is the most beneficial to our patients. One big advantage of NeoGraft is that it allows for hair to be transplanted follicle by follicle, resulting in a natural look without an unsightly scar. Another hair transplant method that has been widely used is the Strip Method. In it, a strip of hair is removed from one area of your scalp and separated into individual follicles in a laborious process. Then the many resulting pieces are stapled or sewn back to your scalp. This leaves behind a long linear scar where the patch of skin is removed. It can be hard to cover up this scar, and patients undergoing the Strip Method often have to subsequently wear their hair longer to cover it up.

Not so with NeoGraft. It uses pneumatic suction to extract individual hair grafts that can then be inserted back into a different area of your scalp. Our experienced technician at the Nashville Hair Doctor can transplant thousands of grafts in one session. And yet many patients are led to try the Strip Method, simply because it is has been around longer and many surgeons find it easier to perform. NeoGraft may take a bit longer because it removes individual hair grafts, not entire strips. But the end result is well worth it.

At Nashville Hair Doctor, patient care is our number one concern. During your initial consultation – in office for those living close enough, or via video conference for out of town customers – we discuss a treatment plan tailored to your needs and budget, optional add-ons such as HypoThermosol, and  what to expect during and after your hair replacement procedure. Call us today to schedule such a free no-obligation consultation for your hair transplant in Franklin. We look forward to helping reverse your hair loss!

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What Hair Doctor Patients are Saying

Kevin loved how easy his NeoGraft hair transplant was, and that it avoided a linear scar at the back of his head. His wife, a hairdresser, had encouraged him to look into hair restoration for years. He started looking online and after some research settled on Nashville Hair Doctor. He (and especially wife) couldn’t be any happier.