Affordable Hair Restoration in Evansville

If you suffer from hair loss, you are not alone. Over two thirds of Americans experience some form of hair loss by the age of 35. The good news is, hair loss can be reversed with a hair transplant. Here is why you should travel to Nashville for it.

1. Expertise

Hair is very personal. You go to great lengths to find – and keep – a hairdresser who you like, someone who understands your hair. When it comes to permanently restoring your hairline, it’s even more important to find someone you can trust. Restoring hair is not just an everyday procedure. It is a form of art.

Nashville Hair Doctor is a trusted hair restoration clinic with over 20 years of experience in follicular unit extraction. Our highly-trained NeoGraft technician has performed hair transplants on patients throughout the country and is well-known for his natural-looking results. The procedures are performed at our fully-staffed plastic surgery center under direction of our double board-certified plastic surgeon.

2. Cost

You want the experts to restore your hair, but if you can also have it done at an affordable cost, that’s an extra bonus. There is a reason Nashville Hair Doctor patients travel from as far away as Chicago, New York, and Texas for their procedure. Hair transplants in larger cities and along the coasts, such as New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago, are expensive. You might pay more than double the price of what you pay in a lower-cost area like Tennessee. This means you’ll save big on your hair transplant at Nashville Hair Doctor. Compared to the national average, you already save $7,000 on a 2,500 graft NeoGraft hair transplant. These savings are even bigger when compared to high-cost locations in most metropolitan areas.

If you are looking for a hair transplant in Evansville, IN, we encourage you to give Nashville Hair Doctor a try. The drive can be made in under 3 hours, and we even help you out with hotel costs with our travel discount. We promise you, it will be worth the trip. You’ll get to explore the one-and-only Music City, and you’ll come home with new hair!

Nashville Hair Doctor Patients Comparing Their Experience

At Nashville Hair Doctor we welcome out-of-town patients who are looking for affordable, expert hair transplantation. While it may seem inconvenient to travel before a medical procedure, most patients find that it is totally worth the effort – both in terms of cost as well as results.

“Compared to Bosley, I can fly to Nashville, stay at a 5-star hotel, dine at the nicest steak house, and still save a couple thousand while having the best experience! You guys are rockstars and it was totally worth the trip!”

Hair Doctor patient Jon from Columbus, OH

1,500 Grafts to Repair a Previous Hair Transplant

Nashville Hair Doctor patient before and after Neograft procedure

Mitch G. was unhappy with his previous hair strip method transplant. “It left me with an ugly scar on the back of the head,” he says. When he saw how easy it was to  upload his picture on the Nashville Hair Doctor website for an online quote, he decided to try again.

Four years later, he has no regrets that he didn’t give up after the first try. He was blown away not just by the natural look of his new har, but by the entire process from his first quote to his follow-up appointments. “I now have the good hair I wanted,” says Mitch.

Whether you had a previous hair restoration experience or not, take the first step to transform your hair: request a free, confidential, no-obligation quote at the click of a button.

About Nashville Hair Doctor

A chance to see the Nashville skyline at night brought to you courtesy of Nashville Hair Doctor travel packageLocated in Middle Tennessee, we are a leading hair transplant providers in the Southeast United States. Our hair restoration team is known for achieving natural-looking results and we offer affordable prices heavily discounted compared to the national average. If you choose to stay overnight or several days, read Destination Nashville for things to do and see in the Music City.