hair doctor patient before and after picture top and side view patient 2Finding a Hair Loss Cure in Cookeville

Do you suffer from hair loss or growing bald spots that leave you dejected about your appearance? Or would you like to increase thickness where your hair is thinning before it becomes obvious? Either way, a hair transplant can help you achieve your goals. If you are researching options for a hair transplant in Cookeville, don’t overlook the Nashville Hair Doctor. We are an experienced provider of hair transplants in Tennessee, Kentucky, and beyond. With the help of our travel discount, you don’t have to live in Nashville to take advantage of our affordable hair grafting procedures.

Don’t Resign Yourself to Hair Loss

Hair loss occurs for a variety of reasons such as genetics or hormonal changes. It can be triggered by certain diseases or even diets. Whatever its origins, hair loss can have a devastating effect on our self-confidence and overall well-being.

The good news is that the latest technological developments have brought great advances to the hair transplant industry, a rapidly growing field of cosmetic surgery.  What used to be a rather invasive surgery to transplant strips of scalp from one area of the head to another can now be achieved with hair grafting. Using pneumatic pressure to extract individual follicles of hair, these grafts can then be re-inserted in the target area one at a time. It sounds laborious, but a skilled technician can transfer several thousand grafts in a single procedure.

Your Nashville Hair Doctor in Cookeville

We bring hair transplants to you wherever you are in Tennessee. It’s as easy as giving Nashville Hair Doctor a call and scheduling a personal and complimentary consultation. Our medical consultant will either conduct it in person at our Brentwood office or via video conference if you live too far away to make a visit practical. For out-of-town guests we include a $200 discount to cover fuel and food expenses and a hotel of your choice.

The Nashville Hair Doctor hair restoration technician has over 20 years of experience in his field, using the NeoGraft method of hair restoration. This method is less invasive than the traditional strip method. With NeoGraft hair restoration, there is little to no downtime, no surgery, and most importantly no linear scar. This makes NeoGraft superior to other hair transplantation methods. We also offer innovative add-ons such as HypoThermosol graft storage. Nashville Hair Doctor was one of the first providers to bring NeoGraft to Tennessee, and it shows.  We will take good care of you, and we will restore your hair as well as your self-confidence.

Call the #1 NeoGraft provider in Tennessee today for your hair transplant in Cookeville, so that tomorrow you’ll love looking in the mirror again!

What Patients Say about Nashville Hair Doctor

David Bernard wanted to get ahead of the curve when he started noticing that his hair was thinning. He had a NeoGraft Hair Transplant at the Nashville Hair Doctor and is happy with the results. He was told to expect the best results after 14 months, but he can already tell a big difference at just 6 months post-op. Hear what he told Nashville Channel 4 in the interview below.