Affordable Hair Restoration in Atlanta

If you have you noticed that your hair is thinning, consider a hair transplant at the Nashville Hair Doctor. But why should you travel to Nashville instead of looking for a hair clinic in Atlanta?

The main reason Nashville Hair Doctor patients travel from as far away as Chicago, New York, and Texas for their procedure is that they prefer to entrust their hair to the experts. We are an established hair transplant center with an experienced team to serve your needs. All procedures are performed at our state-of-the-art plastic surgery center under the supervision of a double board-certified plastic surgeon. Our highly-trained FUE Master Technicians each have 20+ years experience in FUE hair restoration. With the technology we use, our hair transplants are minimally-invasive and virtually undetectable.

The other reason for traveling out-of-town for your hair transplant is cost. Cosmetic surgery costs in major population centers adjust to the higher cost of living index in these areas. At Nashville Hair Doctor, you may save up to $7,000 or more on an all-inclusive  NeoGraft hair transplant compared to the average cost in the Atlanta metro area.

Fly direct from Atlanta to Nashville in an hour or travel by car in 3.5 hours. We provide a travel discount for out of town patients to help with hotel costs. Come visit us in Nashville, let us help you grow your hair, and explore one of the “hottest” cities in America (sorry Hotlanta)!

Nashville Hair Doctor Patients Share Their Experience

Hair Transplants at Nashville Hair Doctor follow the Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE method where each follicle is extracted and transplanted individually. This ensures that your hair restoration is virtually pain-free with only minimal numbing required. Minimal downtime and trauma lead to a fast recovery, allowing you to return to work or your regular activities within 1-2 days. And our patients are able to achieve natural looking results without any scarring at the back of the head as is often the case with other methods.

Nashville hair doctor patient review2,800 Grafts, 6 Months, and a New Hairline

David B. wanted to make sure he had something done before his thinning hair became so obvious that others would notice. He visited Nashville Hair Doctor for a consultation, weighed all the information he was given, and scheduled his NeoGraft hair transplant for July 2018.

Just 6 months later, David is surprised by his early results. “I was told to expect results at 14 months,” he says. And while his hair growth will continue to improve, he is pleased with the much fuller crown and hairline he has already achieved.

1,500 Grafts to Repair a Previous Hair Transplant

Mitch G. was disappointed with the results of his previous hair restoration done with the Strip Method. “It left me with an ugly scar on the back of the head,” he says. He gave it another try by uploading his picture using Nashville Hair Doctor’s online quote form.

It has been four years since his NeoGraft procedure, and he is still very happy with his results. “I now have the good hair I wanted,” says Mitch.

If you aren’t sure whether a hair transplant is for you, get started by requesting a free, confidential, no-obligation quote at the click of a button.

Before and After picture of male NeoGraft hair transplant patient - top view | Nashville Hair Doctor

Nashville Hair Doctor NeoGraft patient David B.

Nashville Hair Doctor patient before and after Neograft procedure

Nashville Hair Doctor NeoGraft patient Mitch G.

About Nashville Hair Doctor

A chance to see the Nashville skyline at night brought to you courtesy of Nashville Hair Doctor travel packageLocated in Middle Tennessee, we are a leading hair transplant providers in the Southeast United States. Our hair restoration team is known for achieving natural-looking results and we offer affordable prices heavily discounted compared to the national average. If you choose to stay overnight or several days, read Destination Nashville for things to do and see in the Music City.