will my hair transplant match my hair color

Will My Hair Transplant Match My Hair Color?

If you’re considering a hair transplant, you probably have a few questions. Matching your hair color might not be one of them. After all, a hair transplant is not about coloring your hair. It’s about growing new hair where there was none before. Still, it’s a valid question: Could there be an issue with the transplanted hair not matching the surrounding hair color?

Matching Hair Color When Getting a Hair Transplant

The answer is that it depends. If your hair has started graying in some areas, then the transplanted hair might be a different shade than the hair surrounding the recipient area. Even if you’re younger and aren’t experiencing any gray hair yet, your hair color could still have changed a little over time, as it does for most people.

The good news with a hair transplant method like Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is that the donor hair follicles are extracted individually and at random from the back of your head. This means that they won’t necessarily be uniform in color, and will be easier to blend in. The Strip Method or FUT, on the other hand, extracts a single strip of hair that likely is more uniform in color.

NeoGraft hair restoration as offered by the Nashville Hair Doctor is based on the FUE technology. Typically, our patients to dot experience any issues with mismatched hair color.

Can I Color My Hair After a Hair Transplant?

Even if you’re not concerned about a possible mismatch in hair color between your existing hair and the transplanted hair, you may have questions whether it’s safe to color your hair after a hair transplant. This might be of particular interest for women who have a hair transplant. You may already be coloring your hair and will want to keep your hair color uniform. But is it safe to apply hair dye to your newly transplanted hair?

Again, the faster-healing FUE method holds an advantage over the slower-healing strip method. You won’t want to apply the aggressive chemicals used in hair dye to any incisions that are not fully healed. After NeoGraft, the small red punctures dotting your scalp typically scab over and fall off within 7-10 days after your transplant. This is much shorter than for the FUT method, where the time it takes for the linear scar at the back of your head to fully heal can last up to six weeks.

To be safe, you should always ask your hair doctor when it is safe to apply hair color after a hair transplant.

Can I Continue Using Rogaine After a Hair Transplant?

Chances are, you’ve had a hair transplant because you are tired of using other products to promote hair growth. A hair transplant is a permanent solution to hair loss and therefore makes using products such as Rogaine (minoxidil) unnecessary.

However, some patients want to continue with their Rogaine treatment, at least for the time period it takes for the hair to grow in. In that case, you should wait the same amount of time as with any other chemicals, until the scabs have had time to heal over. With an FUE hair transplant, this is typically about 7-10 days post-op, 14 at the most.

If you’re simply washing your hair, you don’t have to wait that long. We recommend that you wait 48 hours before washing your hair after a hair transplant. After that, it is safe for you to wash your hair if you take certain precautions.

To ensure the best outcome after hair restoration surgery, make sure you check out our Dos and Dont’s after a hair transplant.


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