laser light therapy has been shown to promote hair growth after a hair transplant

Is Laser Light Therapy a Good Treatment for Hair Loss?

Hair loss in men – and women – is relatively common. And it’s not something that only strikes people of advanced age. In reality, 40% of men suffer some hair loss by the age of 35. And about a quarter of American men suffering from hair loss begin seeing signs as early as age 21.

Before you panic, remember that hair loss can have several causes, and that many of these are temporary. Once you have established that you do have genetic hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) the big question is what to do about it.

It’s tempting to try a non-invasive option first. Unfortunately, such treatments have spotty success rates. Please see our blog post discussing non-surgical hair loss treatments for a detailed explanation.

But there is one non-surgical treatment that has merit, and that is Laser Light Therapy.

What is Laser Light Therapy for Hair Loss?

Laser Light Therapy – also referred to as red light therapy, low-level laser therapy, or cold laser therapy – beams photons of light into the scalp tissue. This stimulates epidermal stem cells by improving blood circulation to the hair follicles and reducing inflammation. The increase in nutrients and oxygen helps regenerate the follicles faster.

Studies* have shown that Laser Light Therapy is safe, and that it can be effective in both men and women.

The pros: Low-Level Light Therapy is entirely non-invasive and painless, has no side effects, and strengthens the hair.

The cons: Light Therapy is relatively expensive, and time consuming. To see results, several sessions a week are required for several months.

Laser Light Therapy as Follow-Up to Hair Transplants

While Laser Light Therapy has shown some promise in promoting hair growth, you probably wouldn’t be happy with the results if that’s the only treatment you got. In our experience at The Hair Doctor, we have learned that the best use of low-level laser treatments is to treat hair transplant patients during their initial healing and growth cycles.

We just don’t feel it’s worth the investment as an alternative to hair restoration. However, we feel it’s great for supporting the new growth after you’ve had your hair transplant. The light therapy helps with the overall healing process and the initial growth from the sleep cycle.

At both our Nashville and Memphis locations, we offer a COMPLIMENTARY 3 month Laser Light Therapy package to all our hair transplant patients. This includes 2 sessions per week for the first month and 1 session per week for the 2nd and 3rd month.

When Is it Time for a Hair Transplant?

If you have noticed that your hairline is receding and/or that your crown is thinning, it may be time for you to consider medical hair restoration. (If you lose your hair all of a sudden, you should see a doctor – it may be an indication of an underlying condition that needs to be addressed.) You may not have inherited the luckiest hair genes, but you are lucky to be alive at a time when something can be done about it.

NeoGraft hair restoration, which is based on the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method, is one of the least-invasive and yet most effective hair transplant methods available. It’s minimally-invasive, virtually pain-free, and doesn’t require any stitches or leave any scars.

Get started by requesting your FREE quote for a hair transplant today. Make sure you choose Nashville, Memphis, or Louisville as your location. To see what the procedure is about, watch the video journal by Nashville Hair Doctor patient David Bernard below.


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