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Hair Transplant for Grey Hair

Our Hair Doctor team has treated thousands of hair transplant patients at our Nashville, Memphis, and Louisville practices. You would think that our patients would skew older, but we regularly restore hair for 20 to 30-year olds. However, today we discuss our slightly older patient base… Read more

Avoid these Mistakes When Having Your Hairline Restored

The restored hairline is a like the crown jewel of a hair transplant. It is what people first see when looking at you. And it is the place where any badly implanted hair grafts would stand out the most. We invite you to take a look at these hairline restoration results at Nashville Hair Doctor and to learn more about the aesthetic importance of your hairline.… Read more

Am I a Candidate for a Hair Transplant? 9 Questions To Ask During Your Consultation

If you are “shopping around” for a hair transplant to reverse your hair loss, you should make sure you ask the right questions during your consult. Otherwise, providers that don’t have your best interest at heart might lure you in with flashy marketing and pushy sales pitches. Here are questions to ask the get the most out of your consultation.… Read more

PRO-NOX Pain and Anxiety Relief for Hair Transplants

If you suffer from hair loss but haven’t yet signed up for a hair transplant, the reason may very well be that you’re just a little bit afraid. Will a hair transplant be painful, you might ask? We have great news. As the first hair clinic in Nashville – as well as Memphis – we are offering the PRO-NOX pain management system to hair transplant patients.… Read more