A Hair Doctor Patient Shares His Story

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: The most gratifying part of our jobs is sharing in the excitement of a happy patient. But there are variations of happy patients. Most are content to be on their way with new, fuller hair. But rarely do we get someone who will give a detailed, play-by-play account of his experience along every step of the way.

Brandon B. is that patient. He had his NeoGraft hair transplant, performed by Nashville Hair Doctor NeoGraft Master Technician Daryl Watson, on September 9, 2020. While he can’t yet speak to his results, as those will only emerge in the months to come, he gives great first-hand information about his struggle trying a host of hair-loss solutions, his research of hair restoration providers, the procedure itself including all his pre-op jitters, as well as his post-op experience so far. Below he tells his story. To use his words, “it’s a good one!

Prior to my Procedure

I had tried Minoxidil for a few years, the irestore pro laser hair helmet for a year, DHT blocking shampoos, biotin, and finasteride. Nothing brought back my hairline or density that I hoped, and my self-esteem was dropping rapidly (evident by my constant discussion of hair, 1000 daily looks in the mirror and internal tears of desperation). Even my wife telling me she’d love me with just one hair on my head wasn’t enough to beat my self-confidence issues. Hair is a much more powerful thing than I ever realized until my mid 20’s. As a 29 year old SUPER white, red-headed guy, I wasn’t fond of my new look, and the power that genetics had over my will to encourage my follicles to work with me!

If you can afford it and want your hair back, this is the easiest choice ever. I Googled so many places and fell upon Nashville Hair Doctor. I needed something professional, well-reviewed, and within my budget. I emailed Shauna Klutinoty and the rest is history. Honestly, she made my experience worth it. She calmed all my fears, was prompt in replying, and super friendly and professional.

Money to buy this form of happiness and my confidence back was worth a one time dent to my bank account.

For someone like me, who is a teacher and saving for a wedding, the financial part was a hard hit to my savings, but after discussions with Shauna, my wife and family, it became clear. Money buying this form of happiness and my confidence back was worth a one time dent to my bank account. Speaking of money, Nashville Hair Doctor’s prices are way cheaper compared to others. I saw upwards of 15K, and I paid half that for 2,000 grafts.

Day of the Procedure

I arrived at 8am. My first impression was how clean and modern the facility was. My parents drove me because you can’t drive after the procedure, and my Mom was so nervous (because her baby boy was having his head worked on)! She got to meet Daryl, the Master Tech who performed my procedure. If Mom is happy, we’re all happy.

Daryl drew my hairline two different ways and let me pick which one I liked better.

I made my way to the room, put on my gown, took some before photos, and we were off! Daryl drew my hairline two different ways and let me pick which one I liked better. Then she drew the whole area that would be worked on. 2,000 grafts covered a sizable area. I took my valium, laid in the chair, and it began. I should’ve figured the local anesthesia would require numbing shots, but didn’t, so I was caught off guard and nervous because I don’t like needles. There are several shots in the left, mid, and right back of your head. It didn’t feel good obviously, but if I can do it, trust me – you can too. You’re facing down and never see the needle, which helped me!

Nashville hair doctor patient ready for his hair restoration procedure
Nashville Hair Doctor patient Brandon B. before his procedure

Also, you can bring headphones and listen to music if that calms you. You feel nothing once you’re numbed! After they removed all the grafts they bought me Jimmy Johns and I got a lunch break. During the 2nd half when they’re placing the grafts, you’re sitting upright and can have your laptop, listen to music, or watch their TV. Instead, I spent hours talking to Daryl and her technician Jairo (who was also great). Even while working, Daryl calmed me and answered all the questions I was asking. But we talked about so much more. It was a social experience 🙂

Once it was over, they wrapped my head up and sent me on my merry way around 5pm. If you don’t have a driver, then you Uber to a hotel or wherever you’re staying for the night.

40+ emails later, Shauna has been my “Hair MVP” as I call her, and I’m so grateful for the team.

Post Operation

I’m on my 9th day after my procedure. I LOVE my hairline and can definitely picture how much fuller my head is going to look. FOLLOW ALL THE RULES OF PRE-OP AND POST OP – there are quite a few things you have to do. I was extra careful and did everything to a tee. If you’re willing to invest so much financially and emotionally, why risk it, right?

40+ emails later, Shauna has been my hair MVP as I call her, and I’m so grateful for the team and the experience altogether. Definitely don’t be at all worried about choosing the Nashville Hair Doctor/NuBody Concepts. If your hair is important to you, and it’s leaving you with no regard for your feelings, then commit now!

Thank you Brandon for giving such a detailed account of your experience at Nashville Hair Doctor!

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