An Easy Way to Avoid a Linear Scar After Your Hair Transplant

If you needed knee surgery and there was an orthopedic surgeon using the latest method that avoids a long scar, you would choose that surgeon, wouldn’t you? If you needed heart surgery and it could be done endoscopically with the same results but without a scar, you would rather have it done that way, right? It should be no different for hair transplant surgery. There is a hair restoration method that results in a linear scar on the back of your head, and there is another one that does not. Which one is your hair clinic using? Find out more about linear scars and how to avoid them when getting a hair transplant.

What to Know About Linear Scars

Not Your Father’s Hair Transplant

Hair transplant technology has evolved over recent decades, and medical hair restoration has become more popular. While you might have laughed at hair plugs and other transplant attempts in your father’s generation, today’s hair restoration methods produce much more natural looking results.

However, there are still differences. The technology used by your hair restoration provider determines what results you can expect. When you consult with a hair restoration specialist, they may outline different options. Each method will have its advantages and disadvantages. But the one disadvantage you should not ignore is the possibility of a linear scar at the back of your head. It’s important that you are informed on all aspects of modern hair transplants, or you might be in for an unwelcome surprise. Make sure you ask your provider which technology he or she uses.

The Strip Method

Many hair clinics rely heavily on Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). This is the method where you are put under anesthesia and a surgeon removes a long strip of scalp from the back of your head. This is why it’s also called the Strip Method. This strip of scalp is then dissected into micro particles holding individual follicles, which are implanted into the recipient areas of your scalp.

There is a reason this method is so popular. First, it’s been around longer. Second, the strip operation can be done more quickly. Third, a shorter procedure uses less of the surgeon’s time, which may make it more inexpensive.

Do You Really Want a Scar on the Back of Your Head?

But while some surgeons may prefer this method, is it really what you want? Consider the disadvantages of cutting out a piece of your scalp. First, it increases your recovery time quite a bit, because the trauma of the surgery takes its toll on your body. It will take weeks to heal, during which you won’t be able to undertake any strenuous activities. And secondly, there will be a scar. No matter what, you will have a long horizontal line across the back of your head.

Some patients don’t mind as they plan to have their hair cover up the scar. This is indeed possible, but it restricts you to hairstyles where your hair is long enough to achieve this. Closely shaved hair will always show this scar, and it won’t look natural at all.

The NeoGraft Method

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the clear alternative to the Strip Method. Yes, it may take longer to administer – up to 8 hours for a good-sized hair transplant. But with FUE you are guaranteed to have no linear scar when it’s all said and done. The hair grafts are extracted one by one instead of in a strip. A skilled technician removes them so evenly from the back of your head that it can’t be noticed afterwards.

Just like in other areas of life, the extra time and money will be well spent. Would you buy a cheap KitchenAid that only half-whips your cream? Would you buy inexpensive tennis shoes whose soles wear through in a month? Will you enjoy that beach vacation you’ve been saving for if it’s at a bad hotel with terrible service?

We didn’t think so. If you talk to former patients, they will say that even though their FUE procedure took an entire day, the time spent napping, talking to the technician, or watching TV passed quickly and pleasantly. As for price: hair transplant prices vary greatly by provider and, more importantly, by region. Plastic surgery in certain areas of the country is priced far above the national average, whereas other areas are priced far below. An all-day FUE procedure in Nashville is likely to cost much less than a Strip Method procedure in New York or Chicago.

Talk to Your Hair Clinic About Hair Restoration

At Nashville Hair Doctor, we know that an unblemished scalp is hugely important to our patients. That is why we stand firmly behind the FUE hair restoration method and have invested considerable time and training to perfect the procedure. In our experience, not every hair clinic is upfront with their patients about which method it uses. Countless patients have come to us complaining about “the ugly scar on the back of my head” without stellar results that might make up for it.

At the end of the day, you want a procedure that works. Growing hair is the #1 goal in medical hair restoration. We invite you to check our patient success stories to judge if you like their results. If the Strip Method yielded vastly better hair growth than any other methods, perhaps it would be worth it. However, that is not true. Follicular Unit Extraction, and NeoGraft specifically, consistently shows excellent results. Being able to extract individual hair grafts from the donor area, the NeoGraft technician is able to spread out the harvesting very discreetly. And because these follicles are gently pulled out using pneumatic pressure, their quality can be maintained at a very high level until they are re-implanted.

We invite you to get the conversation started. Upload your picture to receive a free and confidential quote from Nashville Hair Doctor. We look forward to hearing from you.

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