back of man's head comparison of Neograft with other hair transplant surgery methods

Top 5 Reasons Men Choose Hair Transplant Surgery With NeoGraft

Do you suffer from hair loss and are tired of remedies that don't work? Hair transplant surgery with NeoGraft may be your best solution. And don't be scared off by the word "surgery." While hair transplants are indeed surgical procedures, today's…
Factors to consider when choosing areas vs neograft hair transplants
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Artas vs NeoGraft: Which Hair Transplant is Better?

How Artas Robotic Hair Transplants Compare With NeoGraft Hair Transplants In recent years, a new technology has emerged in the world of medical hair transplants: Robotic Hair Transplants. How are these different from what we might call “regular”…
After hairline restoration without surgery, you can relax in a pool without stress

Receding Hairline? Hairline Restoration Without Surgery is the Answer.

Hair Loss is a Reality for Two in Three Americans Have you stood in front of the mirror and fretted about the ever-expanding corners of your forehead and wondered what to do? You’re certainly not the only one. By the age of 35, more than…
Balding man wondering about hair loss myths

8 Hair Loss Myths and the Truth Behind Them

Can Wearing a Hat Cause My Hair to Fall Out? Hair loss is not just annoying. To many men – and women – it can feel like an existential threat to see their hairline receding or to discover a growing bald spot on the back of their head. But…