The Genetics of Balding

If you’re an adult over the age of 35 with a full head of hair, consider yourself lucky. According to the American Hair Loss Association, a whopping two thirds of men are affected by some form of hair loss by age 35. By the age of 50, about 85 percent of men will have experienced [...]

What’s the Best Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatment?

Having been in the hair restoration field for many years, we get this question quite a lot: Are there any other options than surgery to get my hair to grow back? We get why people ask. Surgery can seem intimidating. We think of needles, of anesthesia, of a long recovery time. We think that everyone [...]

A Hair Transplant Journey

The first thing we tell our hair transplant patients is always this: Unlike other plastic surgery, hair restoration takes a little bit of patience. You cannot expect the same overnight results you can achieve with, say, a tummy tuck, where results are immediately visible. If you think about it, this is more a blessing than [...]

6 Reasons Summer is the Perfect Time for a Hair Transplant

We often get asked, should I have my hair transplant during summer or winter? Continue reading to get all the answers you need. In our experience working with patients at Nashville Hair Doctor and Memphis Hair Doctor, hair transplants take a bit of planning. It’s not that they are complicated. Hair transplants are minimally-invasive and [...]

Latest Breakthrough: Platelet Rich Plasma in Hair Restoration

You’ve probably heard of Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP. PRP treatments have become popular in the medical field in recent years, and are used in many areas to promote healing of tendons, ligaments, joints and muscles. PRP is a favorite treatment for elite athletes who want to speed up the healing process. It has also [...]

Memphis Hair Doctor Now Open in Germantown!

At Nashville Hair Doctor, we are proud of having turned Nashville into a premier hair restoration destination. We don't just help men and women in the Nashville area grow back their hair; our patients hail from as far away as Chicago and Washington to have minimally-invasive hair transplants. Our long-term NeoGraft Master Tech is known [...]

How to Boost Hair Growth After a Transplant? Let’s Talk About HypoThermosol

Hair transplants have been among the hottest plastic surgery procedures in recent years. And it’s no wonder: Restoring hair growth when you’re balding or suffering from thinning hair is as close to a miracle as you can get. What else could be such a sure ticket to looking years younger and feeling great about yourself? [...]

Can a Hair Transplant Fix All Hair Loss?

Modern Hair Restoration is as close to a medical miracle as you can get. It’s relatively easy to understand how a person can look thinner after liposuction. It doesn’t strike you as rocket science that fat can be suctioned away. It’s even less surprising that plastic surgeons can enhance a woman’s breasts with the simple [...]

An Easy Way to Avoid a Linear Scar After Your Hair Transplant

If you needed knee surgery and there was an orthopedic surgeon using the latest method that avoids a long scar, you would choose that surgeon, wouldn’t you? If you needed heart surgery and it could be done endoscopically with the same results but without a scar, you would rather have it done that way, right? [...]

Not All Hair Transplants Are Created Equal

In the field of plastic surgery, we love hearing back from our patients to see how they are doing months after their procedure. This is especially true for hair restoration, where results can take even longer to fully form. After a hair transplant, it is perfectly normal that your best results will only show after [...]