How to Boost Hair Growth After a Transplant? Let’s Talk About HypoThermosol

Hair transplants have been among the hottest plastic surgery procedures in recent years. And it’s no wonder: Restoring hair growth when you’re balding or suffering from thinning hair is as close to a miracle as you can get. What else could be such a sure ticket to looking years younger and feeling great about yourself? [...]

Can a Hair Transplant Fix All Hair Loss?

Modern Hair Restoration is as close to a medical miracle as you can get. It’s relatively easy to understand how a person can look thinner after liposuction. It doesn’t strike you as rocket science that fat can be suctioned away. It’s even less surprising that plastic surgeons can enhance a woman’s breasts with the simple [...]

An Easy Way to Avoid a Linear Scar After Your Hair Transplant

If you needed knee surgery and there was an orthopedic surgeon using the latest method that avoids a long scar, you would choose that surgeon, wouldn’t you? If you needed heart surgery and it could be done endoscopically with the same results but without a scar, you would rather have it done that way, right? [...]

Not All Hair Transplants Are Created Equal

In the field of plastic surgery, we love hearing back from our patients to see how they are doing months after their procedure. This is especially true for hair restoration, where results can take even longer to fully form. After a hair transplant, it is perfectly normal that your best results will only show after [...]

The Secret to Great Hair Transplant Results

If you are dealing with hair loss and have tried various remedies to no avail, it may be time to consider a hair transplant. Medical hair restoration with a transplant is the only proven solution to hair loss. But before you are willing to spend the money on a hair transplant, you rightly want to [...]

Hair Transplant Recovery: Important Tips for Best Results

As cosmetic surgery goes, hair transplants are known to be fairly easy procedures. No general anesthesia, no surgical instruments, no scars. They are also very easy to recover from. Follicular Unit Extraction, in particular is so well-liked because of how easy it is to recover from, with very little downtime. Nevertheless, there are a few [...]

Destination Nashville: Music, Hot Chicken, and New Hair

Nashville is best known as the home of country music. Everywhere you step, you'll find a tribute to its rich music history. We have world-famous attractions like the venerable Grand Ole Opry, the Ryman Auditorium, and the Johnny Cash museum. On any night, you might come across the next great hit being played in one of [...]

Is a Hair Transplant Plastic Surgery?

If you look around, you’ll see that some plastic surgeons who haven’t previously performed hair transplants are now offering them. However, there are also many hair restoration providers and hair clinics that focus exclusively on hair transplants without any plastic surgery services. This leads to the question: Is a hair transplant plastic surgery, or is [...]

Will My Hair Transplant Match My Hair Color?

If you’re considering a hair transplant, you probably have a few questions. Matching your hair color might not be one of them. After all, a hair transplant is not about coloring your hair. It’s about growing new hair where there was none before. Still, it’s a valid question: Could there be an issue with the [...]

When is the Best Time to Have a Hair Transplant?

If you’ve been considering a hair transplant, it’s probably because you looked in the mirror one morning and saw scalp where there should be hair. The shock of an unexpectedly receding hairline or bald spot can be quite visceral. Nevertheless, you most likely didn’t book a consultation with a hair doctor or clinic right away. [...]

Is One Hair Transplant Enough to Restore My Hair?

Reason #6 to Call the Hair Doctor Now: A Hair Transplant is a one-time procedure Having a hair transplant is not a decision most men – or women – make on a whim. It is one of the most-researched medical procedures. Many of our patients have taken months to find out as much as they [...]

Plastic Surgery: Hair is Where the Growth Is (No Pun Intended!)

Every year, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) releases an annual report , giving out detailed statistics about plastic surgery procedures performed in the United States. At the Nashville Hair Doctor, we have taken a look at the 2017 report to give you an update on how hair restoration fits into the bigger picture [...]

7 Common Questions About Hair Transplants

Having a hair transplant to reverse hair loss is a wonderful thing, but it is also a fairly big decision. Most likely you've been considering hair restoration for a while but are still undecided. At the Nashville Hair Doctor, we want to help you make the most informed decision possible. Below we have compiled a [...]

Why Be Ashamed Of Getting a Hair Transplant?

If you are affected by hair loss like so many American men and are thinking about doing something about it, you might be familiar with a nagging feeling that’s holding you back: a sense of shame. You may feel that wanting to restore your hair to a fuller look is some kind of moral shortcoming; [...]

Reason #5 to Call the Hair Doctor Now

They are easy on your body. They yield incredible results. You'll wish you'd gotten one sooner. Those are all reasons why you should call the Hair Doctor to learn how a hair transplant can help you reverse your hair loss, permanently. Today, we'd like to talk about another reason: A hair transplant makes a good [...]

Will a Hair Transplant Thin Out My Hair?

With more and more men turning to hair transplantation to reverse their hair loss, it's a fair question to ask: Since a hair transplant moves hair from one area to another, does it therefore thin out your hair? The answer is "Yes, but...". How a Hair Transplant Works Hair transplant surgery restores your own natural [...]

DOs and DON’Ts After a Hair Transplant

When you've just come home after a hair transplant, you want to make sure you know how to take care of the most precious of goods: Your newly implanted hair grafts. They are still fragile and need a bit of nurturing to fully take root. At the Nashville Hair Doctor, we give our hair transplant patients [...]

How Soon Can I Wash My Hair After a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant patients often have questions about their procedure. And they also have many questions about after their procedure. One of the most frequently asked questions is how to wash your hair after hair transplant surgery. This is very important. The outcome of your hair transplant doesn't just depend on the quality of your hair [...]

Top 5 Tips to Prevent Swelling after Hair Transplant Surgery

Perhaps you’ve just had your hair transplant surgery. Or perhaps you’re still researching hair restoration methods such as NeoGraft to decide where and when to have it. Either way, you might benefit from some of our tried and tested Hair Doctor tips to help prevent swelling after hair transplant surgery. Even though modern-day hair restoration [...]

Father’s Day 2018: What It Means to Be a Father

As Father's Day 2018 is fast approaching, we'd like to share a few of our sentiments on what it means to be a father. Being a father means roughhousing on the floor with the kids climbing all over you. It means going for ice-cream on the spur of the moment, preferably right before dinner time [...]

Got Wrinkles? The New BROTOX Trend

Not just women like to boost their image with a more youthful appearance. More and more men resort to plastic surgery and non-invasive cosmetic treatments to look younger and feel more self-confident. At the Nashville Hair Doctor, we have helped many men achieve their aesthetic goals with our fast-recovery NeoGraft Hair Transplants. And now we [...]

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and the Genetics of Male Pattern Baldness

I was watching the Royal Wedding 2018 in all its glory this morning, marveling over Meghan Markle’s dress, the cute little boys and girls carrying her train, and the splendor of St. George’s Chapel. Suddenly I sat up with a jolt. The camera had zoomed in on Prince Harry bending over the bride, and I [...]

Hair Transplants 101: What’s My Hair Loss Type?

So you've been frustrated by premature hair loss. You may have tried the "miracle" remedies that don't work. And you've finally realized that hair transplant surgery is the best - and only - way to restore your hair to a look you can feel great about. In your research about hair transplants, you may have [...]

Your NeoGraft Hair Transplant Step by Step

You deserve to love the feel and look of your hair and your hairline. The revolutionary NeoGraft® minimally-invasive transplant technique is designed to restore both. Here are the top five reasons our experts at the Nashville Hair Doctor use this Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure to treat and reverse hair loss. FUE Technology At the [...]

A Healthy Diet to Maintain Healthy Hair 

A healthy diet is an integral part of maintaining a healthy head of full, beautiful hair. And you can also improve your hair by subscribing to a healthy diet. Vitamins and nutrients are essential for your entire system, including your skin and hair. False fact: Because your hair is made of dead protein, it won't [...]

I Don’t Want People to Know: Planning Long-Term for Your Hair Transplant

Cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery have come a long way in the last few decades. Not only are far more people likely to seek the help of a plastic surgeon to bolster their appearance, the procedures themselves have become better. Newer technologies have led to more natural-looking results, and better anesthesia methods have shortened recovery [...]

Hair Transplants Are For Women Too!

Men are not the only ones who suffer from hair loss. If you are a woman and have experienced hair loss, you are not alone. In fact, female hair loss is not at all uncommon. According to the American Association of Dermatologist (AAD), female hair loss makes up nearly half of all hair loss in [...]

Are Hair Transplants Painful?

The modern era of hair transplants began in the late 1950s, but since then the techniques have vastly improved with the advancement of new technologies. This has made hair restoration procedures much less invasive and less painful than they used to be - a hair transplant experience today is nothing like your grandfather's or father's hair [...]

How Long Does a Hair Transplant Last?

If you’re one of the 56 million people affected by hair loss, you may be interested in ways to maintain a fuller head of hair. Men experience some degree of baldness, or alopecia, at a higher rate than women, but both sexes experience a form of hair loss as they age. About 40 percent of [...]

Not Downtime But Playtime: Recovery After NeoGraft

For many men – and women – suffering from hair loss, getting a hair transplant can be a life-changing experience. There is no doubt that filling in your hair where it has been thinning and receding will make you look years younger and boost your confidence. However, even if it is clear that a hair [...]

How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost?

If you battle with hair loss and have arrived at the decision to have a hair transplant, one of your very first questions will be: How much does a hair transplant cost? Below, we give you an overview on how hair transplants are priced and factors you should consider when comparing prices and providers.

Choosing a Hair Transplant Technician: 5 Questions You Should Ask

Being affected by hair loss is a little bit like going through the 5 stages of grief. We begin with denial ("I'm NOT losing my hair; I've just always had a really high forehead"), and move though anger ("If only I hadn't had a father who went bald in his thirties!"), bargaining ("I'll never complain [...]

Hair Transplants Explained: The NeoGraft Automated FUE Hair Restoration Procedure

Anyone who has experienced a receding hairline knows how frustrating that can be. If you suffer from hair loss, you are not alone. A majority of Americans experience hair loss before the age of 35. The good news is that there is help. A hair transplant is the obvious answer. However, there are various methods [...]

Top 5 Reasons Men Choose Hair Transplant Surgery With NeoGraft

Do you suffer from hair loss and are tired of remedies that don't work? Hair transplant surgery with NeoGraft may be your best solution. And don't be scared off by the word "surgery." While hair transplants are indeed surgical procedures, today's technology used in professional hair restoration makes hair transplants as easy as never before. [...]

Artas vs NeoGraft: Which Hair Transplant is Better?

How Artas Robotic Hair Transplants Compare With NeoGraft Hair Transplants In recent years, a new technology has emerged in the world of medical hair transplants: Robotic Hair Transplants. How are these different from what we might call “regular” hair transplants, such as NeoGraft? Below we will discuss how each technology works, and the pros and [...]

Receding Hairline? Hairline Restoration Without Surgery is the Answer.

Hair Loss is a Reality for Two in Three Americans Have you stood in front of the mirror and fretted about the ever-expanding corners of your forehead and wondered what to do? You’re certainly not the only one. By the age of 35, more than two in three Americans will have experienced hair loss. And [...]

8 Hair Loss Myths and the Truth Behind Them

Can Wearing a Hat Cause My Hair to Fall Out? Hair loss is not just annoying. To many men – and women – it can feel like an existential threat to see their hairline receding or to discover a growing bald spot on the back of their head. But as if it weren’t enough to [...]

Beard Transplants: The New Trend in Hair Restoration

Are Beard Transplants a Thing? The short answer is yes. Beard transplants are a thing. They’re also called facial hair transplants. In the last five or so years, facial hair transplant procedures have become more popular, although they're not offered by all hair replacement providers (Disclaimer: The Nashville Hair Doctor does not currently offer beard [...]

Hair Plugs vs Hair Transplants: How Technology to Combat Hair Loss Has Evolved

All You Need to Know About Medical Hair Restoration and Replacement If you are frustrated by hair loss and want to find a way to replace your hair, you’re in luck. Modern medicine gives you better options than ever before. In fact, medical technology has advanced so much that you may not be familiar with [...]

Is a Hair Transplant Worth the Cost?

If you have thinning hair or expanding bald spots, you may already have tried different remedies promising thicker and more voluminous hair. No one wants to be the bald guy, and what is there to lose anyway? So you might have bought a special shampoo meant to stimulate hair growth. You might have splurged on [...]

Postpartum Hair Loss in Women: 7 Tips to Disguise Your Thinning Hair

Help! I’ve had a baby and now I’m going bald! You’re a woman with a newborn baby. You’re over the moon in love with your bundle of joy.  Neither the sleepless nights nor the fact that every corner of your formerly elegant house is taken over by a different piece of baby gear can put […]

Why Hair Transplants Procedures Are Becoming More Popular

Hair transplant, hair restoration, even hair transplantation: There are many names for a cosmetic procedure that has made incredible gains in popularity over the last decade. Not only men face hair loss and balding. Many women are troubled by thinning hair as well. And both men and women are increasingly turning to hair transplant procedures […]

End of Summer Hair Transplant Special Offer

*** NASHVILLE HAIR DOCTOR and MEMPHIS HAIR DOCTOR Hair Transplant Special *** $1,000 Off all NeoGraft Hair Transplants* Nashville Hair Doctor (615) 866-1977 Memphis Hair Doctor (901) 881-2183 *With min. purchase of 2,000 grafts We all love summer and hate to see it come to an end. As we enjoy a last peaceful evening on the patio grilling […]

When Having a Bad Hair Day Sounds Like the Perfect Problem

When is the last time you had a bad hair day? For most people, hair that won’t cooperate is annoying. A Bad Hair Day is just that – bad. But if you’re one of the millions of men and women who suffer from thinning hair or baldness, having enough hair to complain about would be […]

Getting your Hair Beach-Ready with a Hair Transplant

Warmer weather and sunnier days mean summer is on the way. For many people, this time of year offers the perfect chance to get outside and hit the beach, but for millions of Americans, summer can be a challenge. If you suffer from thinning hair or baldness, then you know that keeping your head covered […]

How You Can Look Good and Feel Great with a Hair Transplant

Feel Great with a Hair Transplant –  the Cosmetic Treatment of the Future People can and do underestimate the power of a great head of hair. Hair is sometimes referred to as your crown, and for a good reason: your hair is one of the first things that people notice about you. Your hair is […]

A Winning Formula for Men to Multi-Task During Super Bowl 2017

Greetings to all men and couch potatoes! We’re already into the second month of the year, and the Super Bowl, also known as Super Bowl LI, is almost upon us. While I was thinking about this year’s teams and who might win it all, I let my thoughts wander to watching football, sitting on the couch, […]

The Mystery of FUT vs FUE Hair Transplants Explained

Do you have thinning hair? Is your hairline receding? Would you prefer to do something about that? If your answer is yes, then you should absolutely consider a hair transplant. You’d be amazed how many men (and women) who suffer from hair loss opt for some form of medical hair restoration. Regrowing your own natural hair will […]

No Ordinary New Year’s Resolution: Grow Hair!

Hello, 2016! It’s just about time to talk about New Year’s Resolutions. Aren’t you a tiny bit excited to start on a clean slate with a brand-new year stretching in front of  you? You might have already put up all the Christmas lights, changed a few light bulbs over the holidays, and generally gotten a head […]

Hair Loss From Stress

Believe it or not, but you can lose your hair due to stress. According to the Mayo Clinic, “Trichotillomania is a disorder that involves recurrent, irresistible urges to pull out hair from your scalp, eyebrows, or other areas of your body, despite trying to stop.” This disorder can be caused by stress, nervousness, or boredom. […]

Hair Restoration Nashville

Are you frustrated with hair loss? Balding? a receding hairline? Don’t suffer any longer: At the Hair Doctor, we make it our business to help you achieve a fuller head of hair in the easiest, least-invasive way possible. Our experienced technician performs minimally-invasive hair transplants to those who are interested in hair restoration in Nashville. […]