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You’ve probably heard of Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP. PRP treatments have become popular in the medical field in recent years, and are used in many areas to promote healing of tendons, ligaments, joints and muscles. PRP is a favorite treatment for elite athletes who want to speed up the healing process. It has also been popularized by Kim Kardashian and her “vampire facial.” And now, PRP treatments are starting to be used in a new area to promote growth: Hair Restoration. Read on to find out how PRP can improve the results of your hair transplant.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma?

Plasma is one of the components that make up your blood. This plasma contains so-called platelets, which are blood cells that perform several important tasks for our bodies. They promote blood clotting, which is essential in stemming the flow of blood during injury, and they contain certain proteins that promote healing.

The idea behind PRP is that a higher concentration of these platelets promotes faster healing and growth. During a PRP treatment, your doctor essentially uses a concentration of your own blood and injects it back into areas of injury or trauma. After extracting a small blood sample, the platelets are separated using a centrifuge or other device that spins at a high speed. The higher concentration of platelets is then injected into the area of trauma or desired hair growth to accelerate the healing process and reduce inflammation.

Does PRP Work?

PRP is an emerging field, and the debate of whether it is effective, and by how much, is not entirely settled. However, several studies* have shown PRP treatments to be promising in various fields, ranging from treating knee injuries and chronic pain to promoting hair growth in men suffering from hair loss.

The good news is that PRP treatments are very safe with minimal side effects. Since doctors use a person’s own blood for the injection, there are usually no adverse reactions. The procedure itself is fast, about 30 minutes from drawing the blood to injecting it, and there is no recovery time needed.

How is PRP Used in Hair Restoration?

PRP is used with and without hair restoration to promote hair growth. It is particularly effective to combat male and female pattern hair loss. While using PRP alone to accelerate hair growth is a promising treatment, the real value of PRP lies in combining it with a hair transplant.

To administer PRP, the surgeon or hair restoration technician injects the platelet rich plasma directly into the scalp to stimulate hair growth in the transplanted areas. Again, there are few side effects other than the possibility of some swelling, and virtually no downtime.

Will My Hair Grow Faster or Thicker After PRP?

Surgeons and patients both report that not only does the hair appear to grow faster after PRP treatments, it also grows a little thicker. Some doctors repeat PRP treatments several times for maximum effect. This has to do with the hair growth cycle. Each hair follicle goes through a dormant period, a fast growth period, and then it sheds, before the cycle starts over again. Repeating the PRP treatments aims to ensure that all the different hair follicles are boosted right as they come out of their dormant stage.

At our Hair Doctor offices, we have developed our own method that has proven effective for our hair transplant patients. We draw the patient’s blood before the procedure begins and use it throughout the implanting process. Patients typically see their best results 3-6 months after their procedure. David Bernard, a Nashville Hair Doctor patient who had a NeoGraft hair transplant in July of 2018, was thrilled with his 6-month results. He was particularly happy with the thick growth in his crown, and a much lower hairline.

How Much Does PRP Cost?

Nationwide, the average cost of PRP for hair growth ranges from $800-$2,000. At Nashville Hair Doctor, we charge $980 to add on PRP to your hair transplant as described above.

To learn more about the use of PRP and other innovative methods such as HypoThermosol during hair transplants, please contact Nashville Hair Doctor. We will be happy to answer all your questions. If you have any areas of hair loss, simply upload a picture to receive a FREE online quote customized to your hair loss type.



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