NeoGraft step by step male patient before and after hair transplant

Your NeoGraft Hair Transplant Step by Step

You deserve to love the feel and look of your hair and your hairline. The revolutionary NeoGraft® minimally-invasive transplant technique is designed to restore both. Here are the top five reasons our experts at the Nashville Hair Doctor use this Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure to treat and reverse hair loss.

FUE Technology

At the Nashville Hair Doctor, we specialize in NeoGraft hair restoration, a technology that uses the FUE method. It allows you to regrow a full head of hair using your own hair. It is especially well suited to redefine your once receding hairline. And all this with minimal downtime and a fast recovery. Whether you are a man or a woman suffering from hair loss, Neograft can change your life!

NeoGraft hair restoration is a gentle method that discreetly removes individual follicles from the back of the head in naturally occurring groups of one to four hairs. These follicles are then artistically implanted in areas where you have experienced hair loss or balding. While this is mostly on the top of your head (for men – women often experience more uniformly spaced hair loss), it can also include eyelashes, eyebrows, chest hairs and a beard.

If you are considering hair restoration, you likely have a long list of questions. Here we address some questions about NeoGraft:

NeoGraft Questions and Answers

1. Is NeoGraft FDA-approved?

Yes, NeoGraft is an FDA approved hair restoration technology. It was created in Germany and continually upgraded, with the latest version in its fourth generation. It does not require the use of general anesthesia and is a very safe, minimally-invasive procedure. Athletes in particular often choose it because it doesn’t result in any scarring and virtually guarantees a very quick recovery.

2. Is NeoGraft Painful?

Hair transplants have been around since the late 1950s and the various techniques have continually improved over time. The FUE method offers minimally-invasive restoration with only minor discomfort, if any at all. A local anesthetic is applied to the scalp so that no pain is experienced during the procedure. A slight tugging or pulling sensation is common when your technician extracts and implants the individual hair grafts, but it isn’t painful. Most Nashville Hair Doctor patients describe the treatment as easy and pain-free.

3. When Will I Experience New Hair Growth after NeoGraft?

Your transplant procedure will require patience, simply because hair grows slowly. Your growth-time expectations will be explained during your consultation. Results do vary, but the majority of our Nashville Hair Doctor patients experience significant hair growth within three to six months. Within a year, your newly transplanted hair follicles should be steadily growing at a normal rate, which will allow you to enjoy the full benefits of the FUE hair transplant procedure.

4. Do I Need to Have My Head Shaved with NeoGraft?

No, you do not need to have your head entirely shaved before the undergoing a NeoGraft procedure. Small areas will need to be cut short before we extract the hair, and they may be concealed with existing hair if it is longer. Women in particular should not be scared off from NeoGraft because they may have heard it requires the shaving of the head. You may get the best results from harvesting the follicles when your head is shave. Also, your hair will grow in naturally together with the new follicles if you get your head shaved. But again, it’s not necessary. At the Nashville Hair Doctor, we make sure you will receive a personalized plan during your consultation.

We hope that we have helped you answer some basic questions about NeoGraft. Visit our NeoGraft FAQs for more in-depth answers.

Now, are you ready for the procedure? Here is what it will look like:

Hair Restoration with NeoGraft Step by Step

The NeoGraft hair procedure is a one-day, outpatient procedure that requires only local anesthesia. Most patients experience very little or no discomfort during and after their hair surgery. Your scalp will be treated with a local anesthetic, and if needed and previously discussed, the hair in your donor area will be cut short before we begin. Our patients rest comfortably, watch TV or nap during their hair procedure.

Step 1. Extraction of Donor Hair

The extraction procedure is simple but may take some time. Using a wand powered by pneumatic pressure, our NeoGraft Master Technician removes donor hair from the back of your head. This is the area where your hair follicles resist falling out if male pattern baldness is the problem. For females, the hair is typically extracted from other areas where it can safely be harvested.

Step 2. Follicular Unit Extraction

We typically extract grafts that are the same size in length and diameter because this will increase the success rate.

Step 3. Recipient Sites

Your hair surgeon will create recipient sites in the proper orientation, angle, and direction according to your hair transplantation plan, which will be created specifically for you during your consultation.

Step 4. Hair Graft Placement

Finally, the follicular units are carefully separated by size before we transplant the grafts into balding or thinning areas of your scalp. Each extracted graft is meticulously harvested and individually implanted to ensure the best results.

Step 5. You Wait

It’s that easy. After your procedure is finished, all that needs to happen is for your hair to grow. Your hair restoration technician will prepare you to expect your hair to actually fall out before it begins to grow again. This is very normal and part of the hair growth cycle. This doesn’t mean the transplanted follicles didn’t take. It simply means they have taken root and are now following your regular hair growth pattern.

Call For Your FUE Consultation

NeoGraft is a popular treatment for men and women who want to experience the full restoration of lost hair. As we have shown, there are many advantages to Follicular Unit Extraction over other hair transplant methods. It’s simple, the recovery time is short, and there will be no linear scar on the back of your head. Contact us today at and submit a picture of your hair using our Online Quote Request!

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