A Non-Surgical Method to Stimulate Hair Growth

Laser light therapy (also called low-level light therapy) is a non-surgical method doctors use to stimulate hair growth. At our Nashville Hair Doctor hair clinic, we also use this method, but we prefer to use it after our patients have had their minimally-invasive NeoGraft® hair transplant procedure to speed up growth in the transplanted hair follicles.

Another nonsurgical treatment we use at Nashville Hair Doctor in conjunction with hair transplants is Hypothermosol. In several studies, storing the hair grafts in a hypothermosol solution has shown to accelerate hair growth in hair restoration patients.

Even though it is a surgical procedure, NeoGraft is minimally-invasive and will yield better overall results than a purely non-surgical hair growth treatment. Watch the video to see how NeoGraft hair restoration works.

Before and After picture of male NeoGraft hair transplant patient - back view | Nashville Hair DoctorWhat We Offer at Nashville Hair Doctor

Once a patient has had hair replacement surgery with NeoGraft, we incorporate laser light therapy as part of his or her post surgery routine. We provide this completely free of charge. Applying a low level light to the scalp further promotes hair growth. It  stimulates new hair follicles to grow and gives stability and thickness to a patient’s new hair. Laser light therapy has also been proven to stop or slow down the progression of hair loss in some patients.

For more information about our low-level light therapy, contact Nashville Hair Doctor to schedule your consultation. Our hair replacement consultant will answer all your questions, determine whether light therapy or NeoGraft is best suited for your needs, and discuss what you can expect before, during, and after your hair transplant procedure.

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