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Nashville Hair Doctor is one of the leading hair transplant providers in Tennessee. It was one of the first hair treatment centers to bring NeoGraft® hair restoration to the state of Tennessee and has since then helped countless men and women grow beautiful, thick hair. If you suffer from hair loss, thinning hair, or growing bald spots, the Nashville Hair Doctor is here to help. Our travel package ensures that patients from all reaches of Tennessee and adjoining states have access to our affordable hair replacement procedures.

What is NeoGraft Hair Restoration?

Hair transplantation is nothing new. But what’s gotten better in the last decade is the method of hair restoration. Where a surgeon previously performed surgery under anesthesia, removing whole sections from your scalp and transplanting them to another area, a skilled hair doctor can achieve new hair growth in a much less invasive manner. Instead of having to employ surgery, he uses “follicular unit extraction” (FUE) technology, which essentially is a wand that extracts individual follicles of hair under pneumatic pressure. These grafts of hair are then carefully reinfected into the areas of scalp where hair growth is to be promoted, leaving nothing more than red pinpricks that fade after a few days.

The advantages of NeoGraft over the older method of transplanting strips of scalp – also called “follicular unit transplantation” (FUT) or “strip method – are obvious. Taking out single hair follicles is much less noticeable than entire strips. Since there is no surgery with NeoGraft, the procedure is also less invasive and has a very fast recovery. Because they are more labor intensive, FUE methods used to be more expensive than their FUT counterparts, but in recent years that gap has narrowed. At the Nashville Hair Doctor, we ensure that our cost/graft is very competitive and that the procedure is well worth your investment. For a hair transplant in Tennessee, the Nashville Hair Doctor is your #1 address.

Travel Package by Nashville Hair Doctor for Out of Town Patients

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Nashville Hair Doctor operates in association with NuBody Concepts Plastic Surgery in Brentwood, TN. It is conveniently located just South of the Nashville metropolitan area within easy reach of the surrounding communities of Franklin, Cool Springs, Hendersonville, Murfreesboro, Mount Juliet, La Vergne, and Smyrna. With a board-certified plastic surgeon and a full nursing staff at NuBody Concepts, Nashville Hair Doctor patients can be assured that they will receive the utmost in patient care.

To accommodate patients outside of the Nashville area, we offer a complimentary travel package* that covers your hotel stay as well as food and fuel expenses. Any patient looking for a hair transplant in Tennessee is eligible. View more details on our Hair Doctor Travel Package page.

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* With minimum purchase of 1,500 grafts