End of Summer Hair Transplant Special Offer


$1,000 Off all NeoGraft Hair Transplants*

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*With min. purchase of 2,000 grafts

Man inspecting thinning hair in mirror | hair transplant special

We all love summer and hate to see it come to an end. As we enjoy a last peaceful evening on the patio grilling burgers and sipping our beer, we aren’t ready to get into the back to school hustle quite yet. Oh but to linger some more under the stars listening to the cacophony of cicadas without any homework to supervise or soccer practices to drive to! To take the family out for a leisurely ice cream rather than bust to Staples to snatch the last 2-inch binder from another shopper cutting an equally daunting supply lists!

To make it easier, we at the Hair Doctor have come up with the perfect reason to celebrate the end of summer: For a very limited time, we are offering $1,000 off for any NeoGraft hair transplants of 2,000 grafts or more. To take advantage of this hair transplant special, all you have to do is schedule your personal consultation as soon as possible so that we can evaluate you and develop a treatment plan. As soon as you have booked your procedure, your special discount is locked in.

Are you worried about your receding hairline? Now that the hat you’ve been wearing all summer has come off, have you discovered more spots of thinning hair on the top of your head? We know how alarming this can seem. You don’t consider yourself any older than the previous year. You might even be more active than ever before. But hair loss can make a big dent on your youthful appearance. All of a sudden, you might feel like your age is showing. You’ve tried combing your hair a different way. You’ve tried a special shampoo your hairdresser has sworn will make a difference, but you have a nagging feeling it’s the same old stuff in a fancy – and expensive – new bottle.

It may be time to be bold and think big: Reverse your hair loss once and for all with a hair transplant!

“Oh, but I’m not ready for a big medical procedure,” you may say. The good news is, with a NeoGraft hair transplant you hardly have any downtime. Instead of removing and transplanting an entire piece of you scalp, as is customary with other methods, NeoGraft hair restoration is done with much more finesse: Using pneumatic pressure, a technician uses a hand-held device to extract individual follicles of hair from the back of your head – also called the donor area – and to reinsert them in the areas of your scalp where you want to grow hair. There are no incisions or scars, and your downtime is restricted to the day of your procedure and perhaps a day or two of recovery, if any. Many of our patients have returned back to work the next day.

Just because you suffer from hair loss doesn’t mean you will go bald. Today’s technology makes it possible for you to regrow a full hair of natural hair, and your local Hair Doctor has the necessary experience to create great results. Call now – you’ll never find such good hair transplant special prices again!