After hairline restoration without surgery, you can relax in a pool without stress

Receding Hairline? Hairline Restoration Without Surgery is the Answer.

Hair Loss is a Reality for Two in Three Americans

Have you stood in front of the mirror and fretted about the ever-expanding corners of your forehead and wondered what to do? You’re certainly not the only one. By the age of 35, more than two in three Americans will have experienced hair loss. And for men, the first sign of hair loss is often a receding hairline. This is why we picked hairline restoration as today’s topic. If you’re looking for hairline restoration without surgery, keep reading.

It would be nice if hair loss didn’t matter. In fact, not having to deal with pesky hair, the washing, combing, and styling of it, would be such a time saver every morning. And indeed, there are a few brave souls among us who simply accept hair loss, maybe even double down on it by shaving off the remaining strands of hair, and live happily ever after.

However, the vast majority of us do not like to settle for hair loss. We don’t want to look prematurely old or professorial. We’d rather look like a rugged outdoor sportsman (or sportswoman) with a healthy mane of hair blowing in the breeze.

This is the place in the conversation about hair loss where we can skip straight to hair transplants. Forget about the special shampoos, the funky diets, or even, gulp, toupees. Once you’ve seen what a hair transplant could do to transform your hairline or your growing bald spot, you won’t want anything else.

The reason men and women suffering from hair loss embrace hair transplants so wholeheartedly is that they look so darn good. And the reason they look good is that they use your very own, natural, hair and somehow coax it back into growing where it has been disappearing at an alarming rate.

How does this work? In a nutshell, modern hair transplant technology such as NeoGraft® focuses on the individual hair follicle. Grafts or “follicular units” of hair are extracted from the back of your head where healthy hair continues to grow into old age, and inserted into areas of baldness or thinning hair on your scalp where the original follicles have died off. While NeoGraft is a surgical procedure, strictly speaking it’s not surgery. There are no scalpels involved, no stitches, no general anesthesia. It is surgical precision without the surgery.

Hairline Restoration Without Surgery: A Work of Art

Speaking of surgical precision, one particularly tricky challenge for a hair replacement technician is the hairline. It’s relatively straightforward to place hair grafts among existing healthy hair to fill it in. But creating an entirely new hairline for someone who is almost completely bald on top of the head? This requires an artist’s touch. The new hairline needs to curve just right, not too much and not too little. If done wrong, it can look ridiculous. You don’t want to look like a schoolboy in your middle age. But you also want to get enough out of your hair transplant to see a substantial difference.

Any good hair transplant starts with masterful hairline restoration.

If you’re going to invest in hair restoration to battle back against hair loss, how do you make sure you get the most natural-looking hairline? You pick a hair transplant specialist with experience. Operating the NeoGraft (or other follicular unit extraction) system is not the hard part. You don’t have to be a surgeon or even medically trained for it. The difficult part is mastering the artistic aspect. And like any good artist, you need to have years of experience practicing your art to become really good at it.

At the Nashville Hair Doctor, you will be in excellent hands for your hairline restoration without surgery. Our NeoGraft Master Technician has over 20 years of experience in his field, and hairline restoration without surgery is his specialty. He has the perfect touch, making sure our hair transplant patients leave our clinic with a bold new hairline that looks entirely natural.

Who Should I Turn to For Hairline Restoration?

When selecting a hair transplant provider, you will want to weigh different factors: How affordable is the hair transplant, how much downtime is needed for the procedure, how fast is my recovery? But make sure you don’t lose sight of what could make or break your hair transplant. Choosing a provider with the most experience in hairline restoration is a good start.

At Nashville Hair Doctor and Memphis Hair Doctor, we serve patients from anywhere in Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. All hair transplant procedures are performed at our plastic surgery clinic in Brentwood, TN, at the outskirts of Nashville. Call us today to schedule a consultation or request a quote online. Make sure you ask about our travel package for out-of-town patients and our interest-free financing options.

Do you think your receding hairline is a problem? If the answer is yes, then professional hair restoration is the answer. Just make sure your provider understands the art of hairline restoration.

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