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Hair Transplants Are For Women Too!

Men are not the only ones who suffer from hair loss. If you are a woman and have experienced hair loss, you are not alone. In fact, female hair loss is not at all uncommon. According to the American Association of Dermatologist (AAD), female hair loss makes up nearly half of all hair loss in the United States and affects 30 million American women. But women tend to suffer quietly without seeking support because of the embarrassment and stress related to their hair loss.

Fortunately, female hair loss can be reversed just as easily as male hair loss – with a NeoGraft hair transplant for women. However, hair loss affects women and men in different ways. It is important for your hair restoration clinic to know the differences to make sure you get the best results with the fastest possible recovery.

At the Nashville Hair Doctor, we understand female hair restoration. Keep reading to have your questions answered.

How Much Hair Loss is Normal?

The average man or woman loses 50 to 100 hairs each day. This is perfectly normal. Higher-than-normal hair loss is often hereditary and triggered by hormone levels. If you believe you are losing more than the average, take note of the amount of hair left on your pillow each morning, view your brush after brushing your hair, and inspect the drain after you shower. It’s important to seek medical attention if you notice that you are losing more hair than usual. You want to rule out any medical conditions that could be the cause for your hair loss, like anemia, hypothyroidism, autoimmune diseases, or prescription drug side effects.

There are non-medical reasons women could suffer higher hair loss than men, but many of these are avoidable. This includes aggressive brushing, especially when your hair is wet, too-tight ponytails, over applying heat with blow driers and hair straighteners, and poor diet choices.

Thirty percent of women over the age of 30 experience hair loss. Women with hair loss report a loss of self-esteem, becoming withdrawn or introverted, and feeling less attractive or uncomfortable in public. This is why catching hair loss as early as possible is essential.

What Causes Female Hair Loss?

Women often experience hair loss along their hairline and down the entire center of their crown. Contributing factors to hair loss may include stress, changes in weight, childbirth, thyroid issues, hair loss around an incision from a previous surgery, trauma or scarring, and menopause. A leading cause of hair loss among women is also a hereditary condition known as androgenetic alopecia. This type of thinning typically occurs with age but can happen anytime. This is different from the typical male-pattern baldness. Men typically experience a receding hairline followed by increasing baldness on the crown of their head, with a healthy ring of hair remaining around the sides and back. Women affected by hair loss typically experience a more uniform thinning of hair everywhere on their scalp.

Seeing your doctor early to catch any medical problem is essential. Once you have taken steps to root out the cause of your hair loss – if it is of a medical or lifestyle nature – it’s time to consider a hair transplant. Nashville Hair Doctor proudly offers experienced female hair restoration. Not all hair loss can benefit from a hair transplant. The best place to find answers is during a private consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for a hair transplant for women.

What to Expect: NeoGraft Hair Transplant for Women

Understandably, women often are more worried about a hair transplant than men. Will I have to get my hair cut off? How can I disguise the transplanted hair? While men often get their hair shaved before a transplant – if only to be able to see the results earlier – it is not necessary to cut the air off for a NeoGraft hair transplant for women. Instead, your hair can be discretely harvested from an area in the very back of your crown where it’s not noticeable. As mentioned before, most women who suffer from hair loss experience overall thinning hair rather than baldness. The best procedure to meet each woman’s needs is recommended during your personal consultation.

There are two popular female hair transplant procedures. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is a method that harvests hair in a strip removed from the back of the head. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) utilizes grafts that are individually harvested, which benefits women who have been experiencing thinning hair rather than balding. It’s more challenging to harvest hair in strips when the hair is thinning uniformly rather than in one place. FUE is the perfect hair transplant for women, because it allows the technician to extract hair grafts from all over the head. This helps to keep the results looking natural. In addition, FUE does not require stitches, does not leave a linear scar, and has a much shorter recovery time.

FUE is the underlying technology of the NeoGraft machine. During female hair restoration with NeoGraft, a mild local anesthetic is used before the hair grafts are extracted from the donor area. Each hair graft consists of up to four individual follicles, which are then implanted into the designated recipient. The procedure is pain-free, but some discomfort may be experienced as the small incisions from the extraction and implantation heal. The healing process typically takes from two to seven days. The NeoGraft FUE hair transplant is a safe and comfortable procedure that is completed by an experienced master technician and overseen by the supervising plastic surgeon at Nashville Hair Doctor.

Your Female Hair Restoration Consultation

You can either submit photos of your scalp using the Nashville Hair Doctor online quote request, or you can schedule a personal consultation. During such a consultation – or via email and phone conference if you are an out-of-town patient – we will determine the extent of your hair loss, suggest the optimal number of grafts to restore growth, and preselect the areas of extraction and implantation. You will then receive a quote for your personalized hair transplant. You will also have the opportunity to ask about our interest-free financing plans and even get pre-qualified for such a plan.

Female hair restoration is more common than you think, and most women who have had it done wish they had done it sooner. Call today to schedule your female hair restoration consultation!

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