Nashville is best known as the home of country music. Everywhere you step, you’ll find a tribute to its rich music history. We have world-famous attractions like the venerable Grand Ole Opry, the Ryman Auditorium, and the Johnny Cash museum. On any night, you might come across the next great hit being played in one of Broadway’s famous honky tonks. And in recent years, Nashville has also earned a name for its gourmet restaurant scene that offers so much more than just hot chicken. But we bet you didn’t know what else Nashville has become a hot destination for: Affordable hair restoration.

It’s true. We call ourselves the Nashville Hair Doctor, but our reputation as the destination for affordable hair transplants reaches far beyond Tennessee. In the last few months alone, we have had clients from as far away as New York, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Hair Transplants in Nashville for Half the Price of Chicago or New York

There is a reason for this. When you look at our hair transplant pricing chart, you will see that the cost of a hair transplant at the Nashville Hair Doctor is well below the national average.

Let’s say your hair loss is moderate and you need a hair restoration of 1,000 grafts. At an average price of $4,500* at the Nashville Hair Doctor, this means you save about $2,500 compared to the average cost of a comparable NeoGraft hair transplant in the United States.  If you need a more substantial hair transplant of 2,000 grafts, your savings could be over $6,000. And if you travel to Nashville from New York City or Chicago for your hair restoration, your savings might well top $10,000. That’s because hair restoration in these major cities is well above the national average.

That’s a lot of money left over, even if you go all out and make Nashville your destination for more than hair restoration. Which you totally should, because Nashville is an awesome city!

What To Do in Nashville

Here are just a few of the places and experiences you shouldn’t miss when you visit the Music City:

Music Row

Take a stroll down Broadway at night. It’s a great way to hear and see the many live bands that perform on Music Row day in and day out. Many new artists have made their debut here. Chances are, a great unknown talent is in the making this very moment. While you stroll down the street, make sure you duck into one of the stores selling cowboy boots. These make great presents, but our guess is you will want to get some for yourself too!

If you are up for a little walk, cross the bridge over the Cumberland toward Titans Stadium. The view of the skyline from the other side is well worth the effort, especially at nighttime. There are also excellent walking tours on offer that explore some of Nashville’s fascinating history. You’ll learn about the city’s humble beginnings as Fort Nashborough, about its role in the Civil Rights movement, and how it became Music City.

A chance to see the Nashville skyline at night brought to you courtesy of Nashville Hair Doctor travel package

The Nashville skyline at night as seen from Riverfront Park near Titans Stadium

Destination Nashville for hair transplants: Broadway

Broadway is the heart of Music Row


For more history, you might tour the Belmont Mansion, today a part of Belmont University. You’ll learn all about a fascinating woman named Adelicia Acklen who went through three husbands and in many ways was ahead of her time. For much of the Civil War, Nashville was occupied by Union forces. But just to the South, the two armies clashed at the Battle of Franklin, less than 30 minutes outside of Nashville. You can travel back in time by touring Carnton Plantation or Carter House. While there, take a stroll on its picturesque Main Street and do a little window shopping or stop at the Frothy Monkey for an afternoon coffee.

As an alternative to all that walking, you might catch a sightseeing tour with Old Town Trolley, letting you hop on and off all day long. Or perhaps you can score a coveted spot on a pedal tavern, a perennial tourist favorite. Be forewarned – you might have to beat out the thousands of bachelorette party-goers who have also made Nashville their preferred destination in recent years.

Athens of the South

But it’s not all about drinking and partying. Did you know that Nashville once billed itself as the Athens of the South? In the 1850s, it took pride in its many educational institutions, including the first public school system in a Southern city. In this image, a full-scale replica of the Parthenon was built in 1897 for the Centennial Exposition. It was meant to be temporary, but was thankfully preserved and today houses and art museum.

If you are a music buff, dinner reservations at the Bluebird Cafe are a must. It’s a tiny hole in the wall that has made a name for itself as the venue for songwriters to perform their craft – both new and experienced ones. If you’re just hungry and don’t care about the music, there are many excellent restaurants to choose from. The 12 South neighborhood is a good place to start. One of our favorite places is the rooftop bar at Virago’s for excellent Asian fusion and another panoramic view of the Nashville skyline.

Destination Nashville for hair transplants: Skyline and Cumberland River

Another view of the Nashville Skyline with the Cumberland River

But make sure you leave some room for that Nashville-famous hot chicken before you leave.

Ready to Visit Nashville AND Grow New Hair?

We hope that we’ve given you a taste of what awaits you in Nashville should you decide to visit. We are a direct flight away from many U.S. cities, making an extended weekend very easy to accomplish. And remember, we can help reverse hair loss by restoring your own natural hair. With a double board-certified plastic surgeon on staff, and a hair transplant master technician with over 20 years experience, you are in great hands at the Nashville Hair Doctor. Our expertise is in Follicular Unit Extraction, a hair restoration method that is easy, minimally-invasive, and comes with a fast recovery.  Most patients are out and about within 1-2 days after their procedure. This gives you plenty of opportunity to explore Nashville and take advantage of our incredibly-priced hair transplants.

NeoGraft Master Technician at Nashville Hair Doctor

This is Jay, our experienced FUE Master Tech at the Nashville Hair Doctor.

What are you waiting for? Schedule your hair transplant for a Thursday. Then put up your feet and rest in a nice hotel covered by our complimentary travel package on Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, you can explore the Music City to your heart’s content.

And now get started, confidentially and without any obligations, by uploading your photo and requesting a FREE hair transplant quote.


*This is an average price; please request a FREE online quote to get a more accurate estimate.

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